Girls’ tennis team improves record in Madison match

Girls' tennis team improves record in Madison match In a triangular tennis meet held at Madison on Tuesday, Sept. 12, the Tanager girls added two more dual wins to their season record by defeating both Madison and St. Thomas More high schools with identical 6-3 results.

In the Madison matches the top four seeds were victorious and the one and two doubles teams were winners.

Singles: Maya Ristic (V) def. Allison Johnson (M) 8-0; Lindsay Iverson (V) def. Angie Madison (M) 8-0; Tori Collins (V) def. Maggie Feige (M) 8-5; Catherine Odson (V) def. Sandra Skinner 8-5; Anna Oswald (M) def. Justine Reimnitz (V) 8-3; and Traci Gabrielson (M) def. Jessica Leffers (V) 8-1.

In JV matches: Leffers (V) def. Amy Yomans (M) 8-6; and Courtney Beck (M) def. Elizabeth Slagle (V) 7-5.

In doubles: Ristic/Iverson (V) def. Johnson/Madison (M) 8-1; Collins/Odson (V) def. Feige/Skinner (M) 8-6; Oswald/Gabrielson (M) def. Reimnitz/Slagle (V) 8-1.

The St. Thomas More dual had Vermillion's one, three, five and six seeds winning, as did the one and two doubles participants.

Singles: Maya Ristic (V) def. Ashley Roost (STM) 8-0; Dani Harlow (STM) def. Lindsay Iverson 8-6; Tori Collins (V) def. Jessie Hunsaker (STM) 8-6; Lauren Herlihy (STM) def. Catherine Odson 8-2; Justine Reimnitz (V) def. Amanda Bunge (STM) 8-1; Jessica Leffers (V) def. Katie Halter (STM) 9-8 (7-5).

Elizabeth Slagle (V) won the JV match 6-3 over Angela Williamson (STM).

Doubles: Ristic/Iverson (V) def. Roost/Harlow (STM) 8-2; Collins/Odson (V) def. Hunsaker/Bunge (STM) 8-6; and Herlihy/Halter (STM) def. Reimnitz/Slagle 8-2.

"I was pleased with how the girls played at Madison," said Coach Barb Rickord. "Tori Collins had two strong wins at number three singles and is improving with each match. Jessica Leffers also held on to win a tough 'tie break' against St. Thomas More at number six."

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