Green Thumb encourages employment of older workers

Green Thumb encourages employment of older workers The population of America is getting older. That fact is reflected more and more in advertising, marketing and services available. The last full week in September has been proclaimed as National Older Workers Week by Congress and other elected officials. South Dakota will celebrate Older Worker Week Sept. 25-29.

With the goal of utilizing the skills of older people, Green Thumb has been operating the nation's oldest and most successful employment service program for older Americans. The program helps to enhance the abilities, skills and aptitude of participants to increase their opportunities to obtain job offering, improve income, benefits, change negative attitudes and stereotypes about older individuals.

Many employers look at age and don't look at all the things an older worker can bring to a job. Most companies hire older workers because of their dependability and reliability. They know what an honest day's work is all about and they give an employer a fair shake.

These people generally are retired from their previous careers and have time to fill with some part-time hours. They are great role models to the younger generation.

They can be counted on to always be at work on time. They are able to keep busy at a constant pace to get the work done and they also know many customers, which makes for a friendly atmosphere.

Older employees are dedicated individuals who are mature and able to make good decisions through previous experiences.

If you know of someone who is 55 or over who is income eligible, call or write Green Thumb P.O. Box 351, Vermillion, SD 57069 or 605-677-6900. Ask for Mary.

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