Peterson completes planetary research

Peterson completes planetary research Kelly Peterson of Vermillion recently completed a summer research internship at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, TX. A geophysics major at the University of Kansas, she was accepted into the highly competitive program from June through mid-August. With the guidance of LPI scientist Dr. Walter Kiefer, she studied unusual volcanic structures on Venus known as coronae, using gravity and topography measurements to develop computer models of how these structures might form. She presented the results of her work "Gravity Studies of Coronae on Venus" at a conference at the institute on Aug. 11.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute's Summer Intern Program offers selected students an opportunity to participate actively in lunar and planetary research with professional scientists at LPI and the NASA Johnson Space Center. Since 1975, the program has given undergraduates studying planetary and Earth sciences a chance to work in a real research environment. The experience is intended to help them examine and focus their career goals and to encourage their development as planetary scientists.

The LPI is located near the Johnson Space Center south of Houston, TX.

The institute's primary purpose is to provide, on NASA's behalf, leadership within the scientific community in interdisciplinary research on lunar, planetary, and terrestrial programs.

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