Task force on Greek life begins implementing policies at USD

Task force on Greek life begins implementing policies at USD A task force established by University of South Dakota President James W. Abbott to study the Greek community has developed a list of recommendations that have led to several policy changes. The goal of the task force is to strengthen the Greek community by reviewing it and recommending actions that will promote scholarship, good health, high standards and serve the college community. The changes will go into effect by the fall 2001 semester.

"It is exciting to work within a community which cares enough about its future to critically look at its weaknesses and either eliminate or minimize those areas," said USD Greek Life Advisor Genevieve Evans-Taylor. "The community reviewed the current system and felt they could do better. Our students and alumni are dedicated to improve Greek life at USD and they realized change was necessary for survival."

Among the changes that will be taking place is the new requirement that all fraternities have live-in advisors no later than fall 2001. Sororities are currently meeting this standard with live-in house mother and director positions. Also effective fall 2001, the university is prepared to adopt new standards for exemption from the residence halls. The credit hours required for a release will be reduced to 28 credits. In addition, social functions involving non-members where alcohol is available are prohibited in chapter facilities effective fall 2001. Finally, fraternities and sororities may not initiate students with less than a 2.2 cumulative GPA. To ensure this standard is met, there can not be an initiation before the end of a semester when grades are released.

"Our Greek community needed to ensure they were meeting the academic, service, family, health, social and technological needs of their current and future membership," said Evans-Taylor. "I believe the new policies will greatly benefit our current members and ensure a successful, healthy and productive environment for future generations of Greek students."

The task force had representation from every Greek chapter on campus through a current member, a chapter alumnus, a chapter advisor or a housemother.

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