USD grad students receive Treml fellowships

USD grad students receive Treml fellowships Two University of South Dakota graduate students have been awarded the Benjamin and Helen B. Treml Scholarship by the USD College of Arts and Sciences. Jennifer Garelek of Vermillion and Jason Meyer of Brookings will receive the fellowships for the 2000-2001 academic year.

The Treml Scholarship is an endowed fund established by Helen B. Treml in 1995. The intent of the endowment was that the funds be used for scholarships for students at USD who are interested in studying engineering or traffic. The students who are selected must submit a research proposal indicating the relationship of the proposed study to engineering, traffic or other transportation related subjects.

Garelek, daughter of Claude and Jean Garelik, received her B.S.Ed in history and secondary education from USD in 1998. She is currently pursuing an M.A. in history. She will be researching the social, cultural, and economic significance of railroad depots in South Dakota communities.

"I would like for my writing and research to persuade more South Dakota communities and the South Dakota State Historical Society to save railroad depots as historical landmarks," said Garelik. "They are an important part of South Dakota's history and heritage."

Jason Meyer is a graduate student in the USD psychology department's human factors program. Meyer is specializing in transportation research. His research will compare two theories of how people utilize vision to steer their vehicles at night. The study will help to determine how bright the edge lines on roadways must be for people to drive safely.

"The Treml Scholarship is beneficial to USD in that it adds to the amount of research money we can offer potential graduate students," said Frank Schieber, a professor in the human factors program. "It makes graduate studies more accessible to those who otherwise may not have been able to afford it."

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