DOT requests that producers remove hay from highway right-of-way

DOT requests that producers remove hay from highway right-of-way The Department of Transportation requests the cooperation of all farmers and ranchers in removing processed hay from the highway right-of-way as soon as possible.

State regulations require the hay be removed from the right-of-way within 30 days of it being processed, but not later than Oct. 1.

Removing hay bales from the highway right-of-way is an important safety consideration for motorists.

"The bales or stacks can be a safety hazard for vehicles forced to leave the road and, in some cases, can restrict a driver's sight distance," explained Director of Operations Mike Durick. He said hay left in the road ditches late in the year can also cause snow drifts across the highway.

The department urges all citizens to respect the rights of a motorist regarding highway safety. All of the processed hay within the right-of-way is substantially past the time allowed for removal and harvesters are required to remove their hay from the right-of-way as soon as possible.

Hay not removed from the right-of-way by the end of October will be removed by the department.

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