Flames engulf two barns Friday Cornfield also threatened by fire

Flames engulf two barns Friday Cornfield also threatened by fire With two barns already reduced to rubble at the Jason and DeAnn Szymonski residence, members of the Vermillion Fire Department went into a defensive mode, spraying water on outbuildings that had not yet burned. They successfully contained the fire. by David Lias A Friday afternoon controlled burn at a Clay County rural residence got out of control, destroying two barns and threatening to do damage to a nearby cornfield.

The Vermillion Fire Department was called to the Jason and DeAnn Szymonski home located at 31304 Saginaw Avenue northeast of Vermillion at 5:09 p.m. Oct. 20.

By the time fire trucks arrived, one barn was completely engulfed in flames, said Fire Chief Doug Brunick.

"And the roof was on fire on a second, bigger barn," he added.

The burning buildings couldn't be saved.

"We went into a defensive mode and worked at protecting other outbuildings that weren't burning," Brunick said.

The Szymonski home wasn't threatened by the burning barns because the house was located a reasonable distance

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from the fire.

Dry grass located around the barns also burned quickly, spreading flames down a ravine toward an unharvested cornfield.

Firemen using a smaller truck drove along the fire line, and quickly extinguished the grass fire before it reached the field.

Brunick had no estimate of the dollar amount caused by the fires, which took approximately three hours to extinguish.

"The last truck got in to the station at 8 p.m.," he said.

Joining the Vermillion department in fighting the fires were fire fighters from Elk Point and Wakonda. "We called them for water and manpower assistance," Brunick said.

No one was injured while battling the fire. "We were able to protect the outbuildings and the cornfield," Brunick said.

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