Letters Think twice before stealing items

To the editor:

I am writing as the manager of the Civic Council. Recently we have had several phone calls from concerned citizens about people taking from our drop boxes at Jones' and HyVee. We have even got the license plate numbers of a couple of the pickups. I have also been told a couple of names of people helping themselves. I appreciate this information and wish more people would take the time to let us know when they see this happen.

There are a few things that people that do these things should know and maybe they would think twice before they take from these drop off points.

* When you take from us you are not only taking from the Civic Council, but you are also taking from the worthwhile causes that this organization does for this community and surrounding area. All of the profits that are generated through the store go to these projects.

* Some of these projects you are taking from are Senior Citizens, Matilda Gephart, Vermillion Area Arts Council, Clay County Historical Society, Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus Hospital, school projects, Vermillion Day Care, SESDAC, Vermillion Transit, W.H. Over Museum, the public restrooms, Dakota Day Parade, domestic violence prevention and many other worthwhile and needy causes that are too numerous to mention.

* You need to realize that if you are taking from our drop off points and are not authorized to do so you are breaking the law.

* You need to realize that I do turn the license plate numbers over to the police. The first time you get a warning, the next I will sign a complaint.

* If I get your name I will drop you a note to let you know that you were seen doing this.

* You also need to be aware of the fact that if there is something you would like to buy from the drop off points all you need to do is give us a call and we'll save it for you if it has not been taken by some other person.

* The drop off points are regularly serviced unless our driver is working or on vacation.

* If there is not a shed at the designated places we would appreciate it if you would bring your donations to the store during regular store hours.

* Please do not leave furniture and other large items out at these points. Bring them to the store.


Roxan Brown, manager

Civic Council, Vermillion

Visual display had strong impact

To the editor:

Thank you Concordia Lutheran Church members and minister for the strong visual statement you were caring and courageous enough to bring to us this past week.

The 600-plus small white crosses displayed on your front lawn had to have impacted many Vermillionites and Dakota Day visitors.

Hopefully, it made each of us pause in our full busy lives to realize that those represented by each cross and thousands more will never know the joy and excitement of the busy life.

Jerry and Patt Pratt<</I>P> Vermillion

Community comes through after senseless act

To the editor:

We are again writing on behalf of Patrick Kositzky, the man whose three-wheel bike was stolen approximately three weeks ago.

After our initial letter was printed in the Yankton Press and Dakotan, Plain Talk, and the Volante, Patrick experienced a tremendous positive response.

These responses ranged from individuals of all ages offering to donate anywhere from $5 to paying for the full cost of the bike, which is approximately $700. Community organizations, businesses, and the press (especially KVHT/106.3, Channel 9 News, and the local papers) responded by offering time, publicity, and support which reached far beyond our expectations.

We shouldn't have been surprised by this response from our community, but to be honest we were. Our original intent was not only to vent our frustrations on behalf of Patrick, but to also make people aware of the possible impact of a "harmless prank." More specifically, we hoped the person(s) responsible would come forward and offer restitution.

At this point in time, that has not occurred, but Patrick has received $820 in donations. Ace Hardware in Yankton sold him a new bike at cost, and he received thousands more in offered donations. The money left after Patrick purchases his bike will go towards repairing other three-wheel bikes belonging to his peers.

On behalf of Patrick, his family, and those of us who work with him, we would like to thank everyone for their support. This temporarily devastating incident committed by a few has been rectified by the community as a whole.


Ann-Marie Amiotte, Shelly Murphey, Amy Sorensen, Jen Madsen

Hats off to a job well done

To the editor:

Hats off to the men of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, to their sponsor Dean Clark, and to Ted Muenster who arrived at our house to create a little "Vermillion Beautiful" on two Saturdays.

These good men cleaned up our yard, cutting down volunteer trees, grape vines, weeds, etc. In two hours each day (about 50 man hours total) They made a tremendous difference!

We really appreciated your hard work. It really looks great! (even our neighbors appreciate your hard work!)


Jack and Phyllis Noble


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