Letters Johnson will capably fulfill responsibilities

To the editor:

When Maxine Johnson announced her candidacy for the South Dakota House of Representatives, I thought about what a good representative she would make for District 17.

I have known Maxine for many years and have been impressed by her extensive record of service to the Vermillion community. I know that the organizations to which she belongs are fortunate to have her as a member because there is no question as to whom will volunteer when a project has to be undertaken.

In the past several years, Maxine has remained heavily involved with keeping the W. H. Over Museum a part of the Vermillion community. For the past five years, the Christmas Festival has been a special project, and under her direction, it has grown into one of the most popular events of the Christmas season in Vermillion. She has also been responsible for some innovative programming at the museum by establishing several activities which have become traditional, such as the Halloween party where the children carve or paint pumpkins, and the Easter basket making party which has become part of the citywide candy hunt.

Maxine is a willing volunteer for all aspects at the Over Museum including filling in for the secretary or conducting tours. She has been a member of the board of directors for many years and is presently serving as first vice president and program chair.

Maxine's record of volunteerism covers many areas and when her children were involved, she served as a den mother for the Cub Scouts and as a leader for Girl Scout troops and also as neighborhood chairman for the Girl Scouts.

Presently, she tells me one of her favorite areas in which to volunteer is with the hospice program. Her church also benefits from her commitment to helping others.

Maxine's background includes a bachelor's degree in English and a minor in speech and social studies. She understands about being a teacher. While employed at The University of South Dakota, she also took courses in the Department of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies. Acquiring new knowledge continues to be a priority with her.

As a former representative from Vermillion, I know what kind of person is needed in Pierre; I can guarantee that if Maxine Johnson is elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives, you will have an articulate and interested spokesperson who will capably fulfill the responsibilities of representing her constituents in a conscientious and intelligent manner.

Tim Johnson

U.S. Senator

Candidates have quality to serve

To the editor:

My wife and I had the opportunity to see and hear all of the local candidates for the South Dakota Senate and House at USD's Emeritus Club meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

We were impressed with the quality of all of the candidates and their willingness to serve us. We especially appreciated what BJ Nesselhuf, candidate for state representative, said about taxation. When asked what should be done if video lottery revenue is lost, he suggested that it should be viewed as a positive opportunity for South Dakota leaders to study and restructure the state's taxation policies.

His positions and attention regarding rehabilitation of troubled youth, value-added agriculture, and education at all levels, make him a viable candidate.

If you haven't already done it, look him over. This young man could be a breath of fresh air in Pierre!

Wayne S. Knutson


Johnson will work hard for district

To the editor:

I want to recommend to the voters in District 17 a fine candidate who will represent them well.

Maxine Johnson was my high school English teacher and mentor many years ago. I saw her as a role model then and continue to do so today.

Johnson emphasized the importance of education and made sure we all had the tools we needed to learn. She also stressed the importance of community service, as we would take our places in our town communities. This value she taught by example through her own commitment and hard work.

As a result of her good influence and gentle urging to be of service, our class from Mapleton, MN, has a high number of graduates who went on to become leaders in their communities in many ways from scout leaders to elected officials. Yet today, she still holds the record among us for the most hours she has given to her own communities.

District 17 is fortunate, indeed, to have such a dedicated leader who will always have the best interest of South Dakota citizens uppermost in her mind and foremost in her actions. Maxine Johnson will work hard for you.

Janet Budack

St. Paul, MN

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