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Letters I Johnson qualified for Legislature

To the editor:

I write today to encourage you to cast your vote on Nov. 7 for Maxine Johnson, candidate for District #17 state representative. As a resident of Clay County, I cannot think of a more qualified person to represent my interests in Pierre.

Maxine has spent over 35 years in this community. She knows the people of this area well. She has been involved in numerous community endeavors where her leadership abilities have shown through time and time again. She has consistently served this community and its best interests in a wide variety of ways by delivering meals-on-wheels for the Senior Citizens Center, coordinating programs at the W.H. Over Museum, volunteering for Hospice service, serving as a leader for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and the list could go on and on. For those of you who know Maxine, you will agree that she has the skills and perseverance to see a project or task through from beginning to end.

She has effective management and leadership skills, is articulate and well-spoken. She will be a strong advocate for the residents of Clay and Turner counties. She possesses the kind of work ethic we need in Pierre. I cannot think of a better, more qualified person to represent us in Pierre. On Nov. 7 I urge you to cast your vote for my mom, Maxine Johnson.

Sharon Andrews


Return Engbrecht to Legislature

To the editor:

We would like to urge the citizens of this district to cast their vote on Nov. 7 for Rep. H. Junior Engbrecht.

He has served our district for the past two years in the state Legislature and during that time he has represented well the interests of the Vermillion community.

When contacted during the session, he responded promptly with information and answered fully the concerns that we raised regarding proposed legislation. His past service on the Turner County Board of Commissioners has provided him with a good understanding of the challenges confronting public education in the state. He has always been ready to promote the interests of The University of South Dakota.

Both of us feel that we can expect this excellent support of Vermillion interests in the Legislature to continue during the next two years and we urge our fellow voters to return him to the state Legislature.

Chuck and Fern Kaufman


Nesselhuf's ideas worthy of quote

To the editor:

We were disappointed in your coverage of the legislative forum on education held at Vermillion High School on Oct. 11.

Your article quoted all the candidates except for B.J. Nesselhuf. We attended the forum and believe B.J.'s ideas were as worthy of a quote as the ideas of the other candidates. In fact, B.J. has been recommended by the Vermillion Education Association, the local teachers' organization.

B.J. believes that education must be made a higher priority in the state. He understands that higher funding of K-12 education is critical today.

Our best young teachers are leaving the state because South Dakota teachers' salaries are the lowest in the nation. More and more school districts are faced with making cuts because the state chooses to give funding increases of less than 2 percent.

B.J. supports a bill that will be introduced in the next legislative session which gives schools an increase of 3 percent or the rate of inflation, whichever is higher. He also supports a proposal to forgive part of the student loans of people who decide to teach in South Dakota.

B.J. is younger than the other candidates for state representative but we think his youth is an advantage. He is able to look beyond what we've always done in the state to consider other ways of dealing with legislative issues. Look at his positions on issues before you vote in November.


Vikki Fix

Becky Rider


Clark is consensus builder

To the editor:

It has been a pleasure to serve with Judy Clark in the State House of Representatives. Judy has been a strong advocate and champion for issues of K-12 and higher education as a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

Judy Clark is open to new ideas and is a pro-active consensus builder in committee and house floor debate. With Judy Clark in the State House, District 17 citizens will have an experienced legislative spokesperson who will provide leadership and continuity in changing times.

I urge you to re-elect Judy Clark for State House.

Personal regards,

Dick Brown

Chairman, House Committee on Education

Education is Reedy's priority

To the editor:

I have had the privilege of serving in the South Dakota Senate for the last several years with Joe Reedy.

For any South Dakota citizen that is interested in education as a priority whether K-12 or higher education, there is no legislator working harder on these issues than Sen. Joe Reedy. Joe Reedy is Senator Education. He not only works for the children and the parents' best interest, but those who work with them as well.

I wish all legislators had the commitment to education and to the long term best interests of South Dakota citizens like Joe Reedy.

Rebecca Dunn

State Senator (D)

District 15

Sioux Falls

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