Letters II

Letters II Will we choose sin over taxes?

To the editor:

Many facts about the video lottery have been published. Do we care enough to look at them? Video lottery is addictive for some of our South Dakota neighbors; it destroys their lives; their families; their jobs.

But how will we vote on this issue? We will cry with Cain, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Many of us, politicians and citizens alike, agree that we need to display the Ten Commandments. But do we want to obey them? One of those commandments is, "Thou shalt not covet ? anything that is thy neighbor's" (Exodus 20:17).

But the argument that is given in favor of the video lottery is this: we taxpayers want our neighbor's video lottery dollar � even if he is an addict; even if it destroys his family. And even if we are blind and see no consequences, we still covet our neighbor's wages. We choose sin over taxes.

Election day will reveal whether we South Dakota citizens are any different from the abortionists and divorce lawyers who trample other commandments underfoot for filthy lucre.

Remember our state motto? "Under God, The People Rule." If we choose not to rid ourselves of the video lottery, then we should get rid of the motto we despise by our actions. We are, in fact, under God's sovereignty, but do we desire to be under God? Will we choose to obey his commandments or to utter Cain's cry?

Michael Snow


It's time to abolish tax

To the editor:

South Dakotans have the opportunity to get rid of the South Dakota state inheritance tax in November. This may be your last chance to abolish this tax. No Llegislature will touch the issue should it fail at the ballot. We have worked hard to get this issue on the ballot. Please go vote.

A yes vote on Constitutional Amendment C will abolish the South Dakota State Inheritance Tax. Many people believe that they have over $650,000 in exemptions. They are confusing the federal inheritance tax with the state inheritance tax. If you died today, you would have a $40,000 exemption for each of your children and grandchildren. The exemption varies for other relationship. Some are as little as $200. South Dakota's tax is rated as one of the worst in the nation.

You may do estate planning to soften the impact but regardless of what some people say, estate planning costs money. You must constantly update the plan every time circumstances or the law changes. You should think of estate planning as a tax to avoid a tax. The truly wealthy have taken care of their wealth.

You also need to do something to protect your assets. We don't need a law that you can avoid if you have the knowledge or money to avoid it.

Let's get rid of it in November. Vote yes on Amendment C.

Gladys Babcock


Nesselhuf is man of character

To the editor:

I have known B.J. Nesselhuf for some time and I felt the need to write and express some thoughts about his candidacy for the state House.

B.J. is a man of character who can be counted on to follow through. He is honest, hardworking and has the ability to get along with almost anyone. These are the traits I noticed about him long before he threw his hat into the political ring.

These are also the traits I look for in an effective representative. B.J. is not afraid to tackle the tough issues and give answers to the hard questions that most candidates talk themselves around.

This kind of honesty is refreshing and appreciated. B.J. is a man that we can all be proud to send to Pierre.

Carol Bymers


Nesselhuf shows

leadership qualities

To the editor:

In an age of cynicism and mistrust, it is reassuring when young people step forward and accept the challenge of leadership and public service. We are fortunate to have such an opportunity before us. B.J. Nesselhuf is a candidate to represent us in the State House of Representatives.

In all my dealings with B.J., I have found him intelligent, articulate and caring, surely the qualities we want in our leaders. Though still in his 20s, he has gained broad experience and developed strong leadership skills. He is a "people person," always willing to listen to and fairly consider the views of others. And he is a courageous advocate for what is right � for elderly and the disabled, for family farmers, for small businesses, for the environment and for education.

B.J. is a native South Dakotan, grandson of a farmer and small businessman, son of a minister and an educator. He knows our legislative district well, and I believe he will work courageously for our interests in Pierre.

For too long, our state government has been dominated by a combative governor and what sometimes seems a rubber stamp Legislature, waiting for its cues from the governor's office. I think it is time for new directions and new leadership. If you agree, I urge your vote for B.J. Nesselhuf for representative.

Sincerely yours,

Jerry Wilson


Engbrecht is a proven leader

To the editor:

November 7 voters of District 17 will have the opportunity to re-elect a proven legislative leader, independent thinker and consensus builder, H. Junior Engbrecht for state House.

It has been my pleasure to jointly serve the citizens of South Dakota with Junior Engbrecht as a member of the state House of Representatives. His colleagues view Junior as a committed spokesperson for K-12 and higher education, agriculture and health care issues. He consistently supports local control and has on many occasions commented to me that the Legislature should let local school, county, city and township boards make decisions pertaining to them.

With H. Junior Engbrecht in the state House, District 17 citizens will have a spokesperson of proven integrity, performance and accountability � a voice that will make a difference.

I urge you to re-elect H. Junior Engbrecht to the South Dakota State House of Representatives.

Dick Brown

Chairman, House Committee on Education

Sioux Falls

Reader appreciates bridge coverage

To the editor:

Just want you to know that I really enjoy your stories on the progress of the bridge. I pick it up on the Internet. We live in Maskell, NE, so we are very close to the construction on the Nebraska side.

We have been taking digital pictures of the road construction on this side of the river. So with your stories we have a pretty complete recording of the work. It is very interesting and a big accomplishment.

Hope you keep printing the stories.

Kay Maskell

Maskell, NE

Return Clark, Engbrecht to Pierre

To the editor:

I have had the privilege of working with State Rep. Judy Clark and State Rep. Junior Engbrecht the last two years. I am writing today to encourage the voters of District 17 to return Judy and Junior to Pierre to continue their representation of you.

I was born and raised in Vermillion where my parents ran a small main street business, the Tip Top Cafe, over 20 years ago. I have followed closely the development of my hometown and The University of South Dakota. I'm really proud of the changes which have been made in Vermillion and the rebirth of the university.

I am also really proud that Judy and Junior were elected to represent District 17. Rarely has this area had such effective representation in Pierre. Judy and Junior quickly established a great rapport with their caucus and the governor's office. They have been able to work across party lines to get things done for Clay and Turner counties.

Judy's work especially on the Appropriations Committee has been instrumental in getting the monies needed to repair the DakotaDome roof. They have worked hard to repair the sometimes frayed relationships between the university and the rest of South Dakota. The kind of relationships which they have built and the integrity and commitment they bring to representing you will pay big dividends for this area in years to come.

I urge all voters to return Judy and Junior to Pierre for the 2001 legislative session. Their hard work for you in Pierre should be continued. You won't be disappointed by the results.

Bill Peterson

State Representative

Majority Whip

Sioux Falls

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