SVVC recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

SVVC recognizes Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus recognizes this month of October to mark the 15th anniversary of National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Since the program began in 1985, mammography rates have more than doubled for women age 50 and older (from 25 percent in 1987 to 67 percent in 1997) and breast cancer deaths have declined by 1.8 percent each year since 1992.

This is exciting progress! However, there are still women who do not take advantage of early detection at all and others who do not get screening mammograms and clinical breast exams at regular intervals.

Studies have shown that women age 65 and older are less likely to get mammograms than younger women (55 percent vs. 65 percent of women age 40-49), even though breast cancer risk increases with age.

Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus encourages women to schedule their annual screening mammogram in their birthday month.

"If all women age 40 and older took advantage of early detection methods � mammography plus clinical breast exam � breast cancer death rates would drop much further, up to 30 percent," says Dr. Mary Jo Olson, family practice physician at Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus. "The key to mammography screening is that it be done routinely � once is not enough."

Dr. Chris Hugo, general surgeon at Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus, also urges women to use a comprehensive approach to breast health.

"Mammography alone can not find all breast cancers ? 10 percent will remain hidden. The American Cancer Society recommends use of three tests for breast cancer detection in women with no symptoms � mammography, clinical breast exams by a physician, and regular self-breast exams."

Call Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital at 624-2611 ext. 350 to schedule your reduced-fee mammography in the month of your birthday ? all year long.

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