Compromise settles Burbank street issue

Compromise settles Burbank street issue by David Lias It took a detailed discussion that lasted over one hour, but the Clay County Commission and citizens of Burbank were able to reach a compromise Tuesday.

The topic of discussion was streets, mainly Madison Street in Burbank.

Some citizens have circulated petitions requesting that the street, which in some portions apparently is overgrown with trees and has a septic tank in its right-of-way, be vacated.

Petitions filed Sept. 26 have requested that Madison Street from Cusick Street be vacated, and also one block northwest from there to Victor Street lying between blocks 3 and 9 of the original townsite of Burbank.

Vacating the streets would cause a problem, however. It would "land lock" property owned by Janet Sheffield.

In an Oct. 27 letter to the county commission, she wrote, "My concerns are that vacation of Madison Street will land lock four of my lots. This will decrease the value of them greatly. An additional concern is that vacating this road is not a future-minded approach for the community."

Sheffield also noted that she is in the preliminary stages of having additional acreage behind Victor Street surveyed and evaluated for possible subdivision.

"Vacating Madison Street would inhibit the proper egress and regress for any future subdevelopment," she wrote.

The commission agreed to deny the petition to vacate the streets. It also agreed with a suggestion by Commissioner Bill Willroth tonarrow the streets from their original 80-foot right of way to a 33-foot right of way so that they can be maintained easier and more closely match other gravel-covered streets in Burbank.

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