Culhane named PRIDE employee

Culhane named PRIDE employee Margi Culhane, a registered nurse at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center, was selected as the PRIDE Employee of the Month for the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus in November.

The PRIDE Employee of the Month recognition is part of the Service Excellence Program at Sioux Valley and is administered by the Employee PRIDE Committee.

PRIDE stands for Personalized Service, Respect, Innovation, Dedication and Excellence. The Employee of the Month is selected from nominations made by their fellow employees, residents, patients or visitors for exemplary service and representation of the components of the PRIDE and Service Excellence Program.

Culhane has worked at Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus on several different occasions. She received her nursing degree from The University of South Dakota. She has also worked for Culhane Communications, the Vermillion Area Arts Council and the Broadcaster Press. Margi is married to Kevin Culhane and has four children.

The PRIDE Employee of the Month will continue to operate under the Service Excellence Program which is promoting the top priorities of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus.

These priorities are: being number one in patient, resident and employee satisfaction; providing leadership and achieving service excellence in cooperation with the medical staff; maintaining financial stability; and reaching out to the community and The University of South Dakota.

"The selection of Margi Culhane as the inaugural Employee of the Month under our new Service Excellence Program is a perfect example of the qualities we want to recognize," said Chief Executive Officer John Paulson. "The Employee of the Month and Service Excellence Program help us recognize all our employees for their caring and compassion and commitment to work with others in providing the best possible experience for our patients and residents."

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