Letters Tournament was incredible experience

To the editor:

Congratulations Vermillion Tanagers girls' basketball team! What a tournament! I would like to speak about a few aspects of the tournament weekend. First of all, during the day a large number of teenagers went into a small shopping store in Watertown. When the owner saw all those teenagers coming into the store, bankruptcy seemed to be the only option. Much to that owner's amazement, the teenagers were very polite as they were asking the prices and purchasing various items. These teenagers were Vermillion students!

On Friday evening the defending state champion West Central Trojans were not only slain by Jaclyn Powell's last second shot but also be-headed by Jeff Brevik's daring half-time maneuver.

The parents deserve a special thank you for organizing such an outstanding party after the championship game. Sisseton was right next door to us and they certainly did not know how to celebrate their championship! Our girls went over and invited them to our party. It was quite a sight to see two teams who had battled so hard against each other for a state title during the evening and then dance together that night.

By the end of the night, our girls had invited not only Sisseton to their party but also Sioux Valley, Parkston, and Cheyenne Eagle Butte. For the final song of the night, the DJ played We are the Champions. It was truly special to see five teams who had battled against each other for three days form a circle and put their arms around each other as they swayed to this last song. Isn't this what athletics is all about?

Athletes battling against each other for a championship and then joining each other afterwards in celebration regardless who wins. This was all initiated by the Vermillion girls.

In closing, the three seniors of this team, Jaclyn, Sarah, and Leslie: When that final horn sounded "mission accomplished."

Randy Bertram


A final word on the school rash

To the editor:

The purpose of my letter to the editor is to provide a final word to the citizens of our school district relevant to the rash which plagued the high school in late September. The school took the following actions to deal with the rash problem:

1. Dismissed school for 3.5 days.

2. Contacted South Dakota Department of Heath.

3. Employed a testing firm to conduct tests on a variety of things such as air quality, carpet, ceiling tiles, and molds.

4. Employed a professional cleaning service to clean the school in conjunction with custodial personnel.

5. Purged the old air with clean air.

6. Filed a request for investigation with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a branch of the U.S. Public Health Service.

The cause of the rash cannot be verified with certainty. The GeoTek testing firm reported that a probable cause was plant molds from vegetation brought into the school during homecoming week.

NIOSH responded that an on-site visit will not be conducted. It did, however, investigate the issue from information we sent them. I recently received a four-page letter from NIOSH detailing its finding. A copy of this letter is available for any citizen. You may receive a copy by coming to the district's Administrative Services Building at 17 Prospect from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

In closing, I provide you with a portion of the letter written by Eric Esswein, MSPH, CIH, CIAQP, senior industrial hygienist:

"I believe that you took the appropriate steps by retaining an industrial hygienist to conduct an investigation, and also by deep cleaning the building using a HEPA vacuum to contain and remove any plant allergens which might have remained in the area of concern. Prompt and effective action in investigating, communicating, and managing indoor environmental quality problems is a critical response component in resolving indoor environmental problems, especially when temporal or spatial complaints are believed to be associated with building occupancy."


Robert Mayer

Superintendent of Schools


Child care center location poses dangers

To the editor:

USD's decision to move the Geppert Childcare Center to the old golf course clubhouse is very questionable because of the safety hazards.

The new site is away from any population center and on the northside of a very busy truck route. The driveway to the center is not at an intersection and will require some motorists going to and from the center to get on the busy bypass for a short distance and then cross the lanes with the oncoming traffic. With up to 400 in and outs from the center per day, the mixture of slow and fast bypass traffic is scary.

Also, driving conditions change. Sometimes the sun will be blinding for motorists getting on or off the bypass, there will be fog and ice and snowy conditions. Some people will be in a hurry to get their child to the center and get to work on time.

There wasn't a public hearing concerning this location so people could voice their concerns.

I think it is a very bad choice for a location for a child care center.

Paul M. Hasse


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