Letters I

Letters I Loosen restraints on investments policy

To the editor:

I am writing to urge readers to vote "yes" on Amendment E on Nov. 7. The amendment changes the investment policy for money held in the School and Public Lands account. The 2000 Legislature passed a joint resolution to place this amendment on the ballot. The measure passed the Senate 30 to 2 and the House 60 to 6. Additionally, both political parties have passed resolutions supporting Amendment E.

Income earned on the School and Public Lands account is paid directly to the school districts, based on the number of students in each district. Currently money from school and public lands may only be invested in bonds. North Dakota's fund, which is about the same size as South Dakota's fund, is not restricted to investment in bonds. Last year their fund returned $200 per student. South Dakota's returned just $65 per student.

Passage of Amendment E will allow the South Dakota Investment Council to invest in "stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other financial instruments as provided by law." During the period 1926 to 1992, stocks consistently out-performed bonds by more than 5 percent annually, averaging 10.3 percent annually compared to 4.8 percent for bonds.

In short, Amendment E will allow the fund to generate greater income. Over the past five years, restraints on investment policy cost South Dakota $10 million per year. With the passage of Amendment E, we will stop this loss of potential income and allow the South Dakota Investment Council to invest the money for a greater return.

I urge you to vote "yes" on Amendment E.

James W. Abbott


The University of South Dakota

Vote for Nesselhuf Tuesday

To the editor:

I am writing to support the candidacy of B.J. Nesselhuf for the South Dakota State House of Representatives. I have known B.J. for the past six years. B.J. is a man of integrity who cares deeply for South Dakota. He is running for this office because he believes he can make a difference that will have a positive impact on people's lives throughout our state.

If elected, B.J. will address the issues that are important to people in this area of South Dakota. His concern is not for popularity, but to do what is right. B.J. is not afraid to tackle the tough issues even if he is criticized for it. B.J. has a broad experience, understands the issues and knows how to get things done. I firmly believe that a vote for Mr. Nesselhuf is a vote for the future of our state.

Pastor Mike Girlinghouse


Vote your conscience, not your politics

To the editor:

"The Democratic Party's core principals include respecting an honest day's work, supporting education, being tolerant of different people and caring for people who cannot take care of themselves." Rep. Mike Wilson, D-Rapid City (Argus Leader, June 19, 2000)

"The South Dakota Republican Party believes the proper role of government is to provide only for the people those functions that cannot be performed by individuals or private organizations." Rep. Bill Peterson, Sioux Falls (Argus Leader, June 24, 2000)

Which party philosophy do you the voter best relate to? South Dakota is preparing today for tomorrow's generation!

Vote for the county commissioner that is best qualified and experienced for the position. Five county commissioners have not been anymore effective than three. Therefore, in all probability Clay County will be returning to three county commissioners in 2002. Study the candidate's qualifications for the position well.

Jim Green

Clay County taxpayer

Judy Clark cares for constituents

To the editor:

I just wanted to speak up for my support of Judy Clark. What a refreshing change to be able to call one of our representatives and have her listen and help.

I called Judy about the problems we were encountering with getting our new area bus. I feel Judy was instrumental in our community finally getting the new bus.

I know Judy Clark has also been helpful with other communities to achieve their goals.

I feel like a vote for Judy Clark is a vote for a person that cares and is willing to help everyone.

Bertha Walz


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