New trees line Cherry Street

New trees line Cherry Street Vermillion Beautiful, Inc., coordinators of the project, began plans last summer for a Memorial Tree Walk along the north side of the bike path � at the west end of Cherry Street, between High Street and Carr Street.

Approximately 50 volunteers arrived, most with shovels, to begin the work of planting a variety of oak and maple trees. The varieties were chosen with attention to the conditions and ground in which they would take root; and the fall color that at some future date is expected to help beautify the west entrance to Vermillion.

Many young citizens participated in the second annual tree planting including members of Phi Delt and Beta fraternities, the Boy Scouts, Bergen Sunday School, the 4-H, and students of Vermillion High School. Parents, teachers and other able and willing volunteers met on the bike path and began work at 9 a.m. The trees were all planted by 11 a.m. and afterward watered by volunteers from the Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department.

Saturday's rains held off until the final trees were being mulched shortly after 11 a.m. Hy-Vee provided coffee and donuts for the work crew. The combined efforts of Vermillion citizens to complete the Memorial Tree Projects in such short order is the inspiration many citizens needed to continue to take steps to improve and beautify Vermillion's landscape and make a difference.

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