Students write essays on importance of voting

Students write essays on importance of voting Editor's note: The VFW Auxiliary #3061 in Vermillion recently sponsored an essay contest titled, "Why it is important to vote." The contest was open to all fifth-grade students in Clay County. First place winner is Erin Rasmussen, a student at St. Agnes Elementary in Vermillion. She is the daughter of Kay and Ric Rasmussen. Second place winner is Dru Daniels, who attends Jolley Elementary. He is the son of Mark and Marilyn Daniels, Vermillion. Sarah Hansen, who also attends Jolley Elementary, received third place. She is the daughter of Brad and Jean Hansen.

The students' essays are printed below.

I think it is important to vote because you can make a difference with your vote. People who don't vote are just not getting a say in what they believe. Voting is a big thing. Everybody should vote because if alot of us don't vote it would be hard to determine the president. If you vote you are helping our country because you may not like some laws a candidate is going to do, so you should vote to help. If I could vote I would look for good ideas and bad ideas to help myself decide. Good laws are important for our country. Voting for the right candidate is hard because you like one candidate for some qualities and you like the other candidate for some of their qualities. So get to a booth. Go vote.

Erin Rasmussen

St. Agnes School

My vote will be important for the human race of the United States. Yes, even my one vote is important, and so is yours. Think of it this way, if almost everyone stopped voting because they thought their vote would not count, one person could make a bad decision for a lot of people. People might have to pay higher taxes, we could hunt anywhere and there would be less animals, or we might even have to go to school on Saturday and Sunday all year round. Every vote counts because it decides all of our future.

That is why we also need to find out as much information as we can about who we are voting for and what the issues are. During an experiment at school, we had to take a survey vote by choosing yes or no for each side. Side A had only a few words like: School, Ice Cream, TV, and Recess. Side B had more information like: School will be all year round, Ice cream will be served every day at lunch � garlic flavored, TV will be in every classroom � but only commercials, 15 minutes of recess will be replaced by 20 minutes of recess doing push-ups and sit-ups. It was easy to know that I should vote NO for side B, but it was harder to decide on side A. This is because side A didn't give enough information, unlike side B.

My point is � VOTE! But please get your information first. You can make a country of a difference.

Dru Daniels

Jolley School

I think that it is important to vote because if you don't vote you are not doing your part as being an American citizen. I also think that if you are strong at heart and have an opinion on what happened in the U.S. you should vote on the person that you want to be your leader and you and your children's role model. If you want a part of American history, then vote, even if your favored candidate doesn't get elected into office you will still feel good that you at least had a say of what (might have) happened in the U.S.

I am glad that this year SD is having the Kids Voting Program because now us kids can at least express our thoughts even though it won't be counted as a vote that will change the U.S.

This essay has made me actually think about the importance of voting.

Sarah Hansen

Jolley School

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