USD business students return from Canada trip

USD business students return from Canada trip A group of USD Business School students learned that Canadians were so preoccupied with who might be the next president that they had difficulties concentrating on their own upcoming national elections.

But the issues which the Canadian candidates were discussing were not that different than what had been discussed earlier in the U.S., such as Social Security and the movement of people across borders.

Canada does not seem to worry about an inflow of illegal immigrants, however, but rather about the outflow of highly educated young people to the United States.

The 35 students, all members of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity, returned from their four-day visit to Winnipeg Sunday evening. The terrible weather conditions had made their return trip extra long.

While in the provincial capital of Manitoba they attended briefings at the Royal Bank and the Hudson Bay Store. They also observed the operation of the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange and watched a two hour long Christmas parade which ended with a major fireworks display at Manitoba's parliamentary building.

For the students it was an interesting experience dealing with a currency which is at present one third lower in value than the U.S. dollar. Canadians were complaining that it made imports from the U.S. that much more expensive.

On the other hand, they admitted of being able to sell their products to the U.S. at a much better price. The USD students were also amazed that they had to pay a sales tax of 14 percent. However, they were also informed that they could claim a refund at the border upon leaving Canada.

As this is a relatively reasonable way to be exposed to international business issues, Delta Sigma Pi tries to arrange such a professional trip to Canada at least every second year.

The student in charge of this year's trip was Kristi Flint. The group was accompanied by Professor Emeritus Benno Wymar, the USD chapter's past advisor.

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