Vermillion hospital staff receives training in new chest pain treatment

Vermillion hospital staff receives training in new chest pain treatment Dr. James Olson, cardiologist with Sioux Valley Heart Partners, provided an inservice program for Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital medical staff and nursing staff regarding the latest in treatment protocols for people experiencing chest pain, the leading symptom of an impending heart attack.

When chest pain occurs, the first 20 minutes are critical. Immediate diagnosis and expert emergency treatment can make all the difference in surviving a heart attack. Patients with chest pain who arrive at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital emergency department will be diagnosed and treated through a set of uniform procedures and cardiac care protocols.

Coronary heart disease is the single largest killer in America today. On average, one out of every five deaths is attributable to heart disease. About every 29 seconds an American will suffer a coronary event and about every minute someone will die from one.

This year an estimated 1,100,000 Americans will have a new or recurrent coronary attack. About 650,000 of these will be the first attack and 450,000 will be recurrent attacks. Over 40 percent of the people who experience a heart attack in a given year will die of it.

These facts support the importance of the Sioux Valley Chest Pain Network, which is dedicated to improving heart attack survival rates for patients throughout the region.

The local Vermillion medical staff encourages patients experiencing any form of chest pain to come into the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital emergency department for evaluation. Emergency cardiac care will be provided there consistent with the chest pain protocols. Any necessary transfers for heart care procedures outside the facility will be coordinated with the treatment provided locally.

Olson is a 1990 graduate of The University of South Dakota School of Medicine. He completed his speciality training in internal medicine and cardiology at Madigan Army Medical Center. Olson provides cardiovascular consultation and diagnostic services weekly at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital and Specialty Outreach Clinic.

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