Vermillion library begins Chapter-A-Day program

Vermillion library begins Chapter-A-Day program Think you don't have time to read the new and popular books? Do you have five minutes to read an e-mail message? Then you have time to enjoy a book!

The Vermillion Public Library announces its participation in the Chapter-A-Day program, which is available to all library patrons and community members who have an e-mail account.

Each week Chapter-A-Day will feature a new book, delivering the first two or three complete chapters from the book to the reader's e-mail account. Every Monday through Friday, book club members will receive an e-mail that includes a portion of a chapter. Each e-mail message takes only five minutes to read.

After the first two or three chapters from the book have been sent, the library will begin sending chapters from a new book. If the reader is interested in continuing to read a certain book, he or she can contact the library or purchase the book.

It's easy to join the Chapter-A-Day Online Book Club! Just go to the Vermillion Public Library's web site at and click on the book club logo for more information and to register.

The following books will be presented by Chapter-A-Day: Middle of Nowhere by Ridley Pearson (starts Nov. 20)

The Snakebite Survivor's Club by Jeremy Seal (starts Nov. 27)

Left Behind by Tim LaHaye (starts Dec. 4)

Hard to Forget: An Alzheimer's Story by Charles P. Pierce (starts Dec. 11)

Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing by Ted Conover (starts on Dec. 18)

The Last Star by William Proctor (starts Dec. 25)

Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer (starts Jan. 1, 2001)

The Great Divide by T. Davis Bunn (starts on Jan. 8, 2001)

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