Clay County 4-H’ers honored at annual Recognition Event

Clay County 4-H'ers honored at annual Recognition Event Four-H members, leaders and Friends of 4-H were recognized Sunday, Nov. 19 at the annual Clay County 4-H Recognition Event held at the 4-H Center, Vermillion.

Friends of 4-H awards were presented to Shirley Thedorff, Centerville, Reynold Loecker, Yankton, Cathi Powell, Vermillion, and Gene and Peggy Nelsen, Wakonda, by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association. This award is presented to individuals and/or businesses for their support and cooperation with the Clay County 4-H Program.

The 4-H Meritorious Service award was presented to Roger and Sandra Strom, Centerville, for their continuous support of the Clay County 4-H Youth Program. This award is also sponsored by the Leaders Association.

Alumni awards were presented to Duane Holoch of Vermillion, Mike Huth of Wakonda, and Hazen Bye of Vermillion.

A 15-year Clover Award was presented to Ruby Plate, Vermillion, Lucky Trailblazers 4-H club leader. Ten-year Clover awards were presented to the following leaders: Bill Kennedy, Bev Kennedy, Kathy Lynch, Mike Lynch, Bill Nelson, Joe Hubert, Jeanette Hubert and Tim Heine. A five-year Clover award was awarded to Don Lindstrom of Centerville.

Barry Cahoon, Jeff Hansen, Kay Hansen and Jennifer Madsen were recognized as first-year leaders.

Graduating member awards were presented to Patty Crowley, Nancy Heine, David Jensen, Krystal Lynch, Kathy Plate and Melissa Rydell.

The Outstanding 4-H Club award is sponsored by Community First State Bank. First place went to Coyote Cubs, led by Joe and Jeanette Hubert and Mike and Kathy Lynch. Second place was awarded to Meckling Livestock 4-H Club, led by Scott Jepsen and Tim Heine.

The Community Service Club Award and Traveling Plaque, sponsored by Vermillion Civic Council and Community First State Bank, was presented to the Country Gals & Guys 4-H Club, led by Marlys Larson and Iris Rydell, for first place. Second place was presented to the Jolly Juniorettes 4-H Club, led by Cyndi Dendinger and Doralee Lynch.

The 4-H Promotion Award and Traveling Plaque, sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, was given to the Coyote Cubs 4-H Club, led by Joe and Jeanette Hubert and Mike and Kathy Lynch.

Four-H Record Book awards, sponsored by Community First State Bank, were awarded to Garrett Jepsen, Korry Speakman, Evan Peterson, Adrianne Logue, Emily Miller and Leslie Larson for first place; Andy Peterson, Nick Peterson, Zach Holoch, Stacey Joy, Laura Aga, Colette Joy for second place and Tony Hubert, Kyle Hubert, Dean Miller, DeNell Dykstra, Ellen Kennedy and Tabitha Hubert for third place.

The 4-H Conference Scholarship, sponsored by the Dillon Jolley Estate Fund and the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, was presented to Evan Peterson of Wakonda.

Sweepstakes Awards, sponsored by the Clay County Youth Trust Fund and the 4-H Leaders Association, were awarded to the following members: Agriculture � Kayla Geuther, beginner; Nick Peterson, junior; and Evan Peterson, senior; Home Economics � Stacey Joy, beginner; Emily Miller, junior; and Leslie Larson, senior; and Personal Development � Stacey Joy, beginner; Emily Miller, junior; and Dean Miller, senior.

Horse Sweepstakes, sponsored by the Vermillion Saddle Club, were presented to Adrianne Logue, beginner, Ellen Kennedy and Sarah Plate, juniors, and Megan Griffith, senior.

Archery Shooting Sports Sweepstakes were earned by Kyle Lindstrom, beginner, Kyle Hubert, junior, and Zach Holoch, senior. BB Gun Shooting Sports Sweepstakes were earned by Kayla Anglin, beginner, Tyler Anglin, junior, and Zach Holoch, senior. The Archery and BB Gun Shooting Sports awards are sponsored by the Clay County Sportsmen Club.

The Outstanding Horse Award, in memory of Joe Millette and sponsored by Margaret Williams and Frank Schieber, was awarded to Karrie Plate.

Farm Bureau awards were presented for participation in leadership, citizenship and safety to Laura Aga, junior, and Leslie Larson, senior.

The Helping Hands Memorial Awards were presented to Kate Renner and Zach Holoch.

Consumer Preferred Beef entries at the SD State Fair, sponsored by the SD Livestock Industry 4-H Trust Fund, were presented to Rob Hansen, Kyle Hubert and Brett Logue.

Four-H Scholarships, sponsored by the Clay County Youth Trust Fund, were awarded to Patty Crowley, Nancy Heine and Krystal Lynch.

Overall award in Home Economics was presented to Amanda Aga. Agriculture Overall awards were presented to Dan Nelson and Tabitha Hubert. Leslie Larson and Zach Holoch received the Personal Development Overall award. Overall Achievement was awarded to Dean Miller and Evan Peterson. The Key Award was presented to Leslie Larson and Tabitha Hubert.

High Point Beginner, Junior and Senior Judging School participants, sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, were awarded to the following members: Rabbit � Kaia Nelson and Dean Miller; FCS � Stacey Joy, Emily Miller and Tabitha Hubert; Visual Arts � Stacey Joy, Kyle Hubert and Nancy Heine; Photography � Casey Carlson, Laura Aga and Stacy Miskimins; Horticulture � Tony Hubert, Emily Miller and Evan Peterson; Livestock � Harrison Hawley, Mike Lindstrom and Tabitha Hubert; Crops � Andy Peterson, Nick Peterson and Evan Peterson.

Youth-In-Action awards were awarded to individuals for participation in county contests: Andy Peterson received the Beginner Special Foods award, sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance; Kelsey Peterson received the Junior Special Foods award, sponsored by Clay County CFEL, and Dean Miller received the Senior Special Foods award, sponsored by Farm Bureau Insurance. Kathryn Strom received the Senior Demonstration award, sponsored by Glenwood Township, and JoAnna Strom received the Junior Demonstration award, sponsored by Garfield Township. Emily Miller, junior, and Leslie Larson, senior, received the Public Speaking awards, sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association.

Fashion Revue awards were presented to Stacey Joy, Beginner Division, sponsored by the Clay County CFEL, Laura Aga, Junior Division, sponsored by Four Seasons, and Amanda Aga, Senior Division, sponsored by JoAnn Fabric.

The First Dakota Steer Classic Grand Champion Award, sponsored by First Dakota National Bank, was presented to Dean Miller of Wakonda.

Gift certificates were presented by the UCY Pork Producers for the use of pork at the County 4-H Special Foods Contest. This award was presented to Kelsey Peterson.

Best Secretary's Record Book award, sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, was awarded to Michelle

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Rydell, Country Gals & Guys 4-H Club. Best Reporter's Scrapbook, sponsored by Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, was awarded to Cody Cahoon, Clay County Cubs.

Four-H members recognized for top sales in the Annual Fruit Sale promotion were Kyle Lindstrom, Rebecca Hawley, David Jensen, Alison Jensen, Rachel L. Nelson and Kaia Nelson.

Individual and team members placing in the Top Ten at the 2000 South Dakota State Fair Judging contests were recognized. Judging teams were sponsored by Deb's Hallmark, Hanson Aerial Spraying, Willson's Florist, Robert and Sharron Jensen, Choice Pharmacy and the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association. Top Ten individuals were Ellen Kennedy, FCS; Nancy Heine, FCS; Emily Miler, Rabbit; Dean Miller, Rabbit; Stacy Miskimins, Photography; Andy Peterson, Visual Arts; Luke Heine, Livestock and Brittany Rederick, Horse.

Top Ten teams and members participating included: Junior FCS � Kyle Hubert, Nick Peterson, Ellen Kennedy; Junior Horticulture � Nick Peterson, Brittany Weydert, Emily Miller, Meagan O'Connor; Senior Horticulture � Alison Jensen, Dean Miller, Stacy Miskimins, Evan Peterson; Junior Rabbit � Kaia Nelson, Kelsey Peterson, Emily Miller; Senior Photography � Stacy Miskimins, Colette Joy, Alison Jensen, Dean Miller; Beginner Livestock � Shannon Jepsen, Harrison Hawley, Kyle Lindstrom, Luke Heine; Junior Livestock � Cody Cahoon, Brett Logue, Eric Lindstrom, Mike Lindstrom.

Second-year member awards, sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, were presented to Ariel Begley, Brittany Bye, Sara Bye, DeNell Dykstra, Whitney Feimer, Kayla Gale, Kayla Geuther, Shaina Haakinson, Luke Hansen, Emily Holoch, Shannon Jepsen, Amy Luxem, Matthew May, Chris Nelsen, Kelly O'Dea, Alex Peterson, Daniel Sokolowski and Calle Sorensen.

First-year members were recognized by their 4-H club leaders: Burbank Feeders � Rebecca Hawley and Tylar Solomon; Clay County Cubs � Abigail Gylfe and Garret Olson; Clay County Go Getters � Ragini Bhadula, Jacob Clancy, Mark Clancy, Taylor Clark and Annu Subramanian; Country Gals & Guys � LeAnn Beaner, Meagan O'Connor and Tristen Upward; Coyote Cubs � Julie Renner; Jolly Juniorettes � Mateya Basche, Alicia Enterman, Chelsea Garrett, Tia Krier and Jennifer Noiva; Lucky Trailblazers � Jessica DeBuhr; Meckling Livestock � Hannah Andal, Jonnet Andal, Julia Andal, Ryne Andal, Jennifer Bye, Emma Getzin, Gerrit Heine, Ashley Ouellette, Christine Sorensen; Shooting Sports � Corey Ostrem, Tyler Vlasman and Zach Weiss; Young Producers � Nichole Huth; Cloverbuds � Elizabeth Bye, Chelsey Cahoon, Michelle Getzin, Hope Lindstrom and Cody Olson.

Four-H members recognized for project accomplishment were presented project medals in the following areas:

Beef � Cody Cahoon, Eric Lindstrom, Kyle Hubert, Tony Hubert, Adrianne Logue, Brittany Rederick.

Breads � Hannah Nelson.

Citizenship � Katie Carlson, Dean Miller, Evan Peterson, Chris Rederick.

Clothing � Theresa Ring, Patty Crowley.

Dairy Goat � Sandra Geuther.

Dog � Brett Logue.

Electric � Cody Cahoon, Bobby Dykstra, Tabitha Hubert.

Fashion Revue � Amanda Aga, Tabitha Hubert.

Flower/Garden/House Plant � Tabitha Hubert.

Foods & Nutrition � Molly Hansen, Casey Carlson, Tony Hubert, Andy Peterson.

Hobbies & Collections � Zach Holoch.

Home Living � Colette Joy, Amanda Aga.

Horse � Sandra Geuther, Katie Sokolowski.

Horticulture � Andy Peterson.

Junior Leadership � Daniel Nelson, Leslie Larson, Dean Miller, Amanda Aga, Rachel L Nelson, Katie Carlson, Patty Crowley, Tabitha Hubert.

Leadership � Leslie Larson.

Music � Amanda Aga.

Outdoor Education � Andy Peterson.

Public Speaking � Dean Miller.

Rabbit � Kaia Nelson, Rachel L Nelson.

Sheep � Michael Lindstrom, Daniel Nelson, Garrett Jepsen.

Shooting Sports � Zach Holoch.

Soil & Water Conservation � Dean Miller.

Visual Arts � Laura Aga, Sarah Anderson, Nancy Heine, Evan Peterson, Nick Peterson.

Wood Science � John Lindstrom.

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