Clubs Sons of Norway Lillehammer Lodge 1-633

The Nov. 21 meeting was held at 7:30 at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

President Marvis Tronvold led the 40 members present in singing the Norwegian, Canadian and American Anthems Art and Bev Beecher were guests.

The lodge set up the decorated Norwegian Christmas tree on Nov. 30 at 1 p.m. at the United Church of Christ in Yankton for the Parade of Trees which was held Dec. 2-5.

The lodge bake sale will be held Saturday, Dec. 9 at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Yankton beginning at 9 a.m. The bake sale will feature Norwegian pastries and other delicious items.

Bev Lowe, Helen Severson, Laura Martindale and Clarice Holm will serve as a committee to compile and publish the Lillehammer Lodge year book.

Vi Ranney advised of a trip to Norway planned for the year 2002.

All members are advised to turn in their volunteer service hours to Diane Reese on or before the next lodge meeting which will be on Dec. 19.

President Tronvold led the members in a moment of silence and prayer to honor deceased Lodge members Dean Nordby, Alton Aune and Chessie Blakey.

The door prize given by Don Frasch was won by Evie Anderson.

Laura Martindale presented a program of slides on stave churches and a display of numerous trolls.

The next lodge meeting will be Dec. 19 at Christ the King Lutheran Church at 6:30 p.m. There will be a pot luck supper and a Christmas program.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Rotarians received an update on the United States Air Force Tuesday from Brig. Gen. Gregory H. Power of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, who reported that his branch of service has 40 percent fewer personnel now than it had at the end of the so-called Cold War. Yet, he said, there is no end to Air Force involvement abroad with assignments such as enforcing the "no-fly zones" in Iraq.

With a defense strategy largely based on America's strategic needs around the globe, the Air Force has responded, according to Gen. Power, with what is termed its Aerospace Expeditionary Force. The AEF features what he called "packages" of planes and troops based in this country but successively put on-call to meet needs rising on short notice anywhere in the world. This kind of deployment, Gen. Power explained, is "smaller but busier."

A great challenge of the Air Force in a time of economic prosperity, said Gen. Power, is attracting and retaining quality personnel. Air Force technical training, for example, is directly marketable in the civilian sector. Still, life in America's military services, he said, offers a very credible option for young people at the beginning of a new century.

Gen. Power and his wife both have relatives in South Dakota, including Vermillion. The speaker said he was glad to be able to brief the local press and members of Rotary on today's Air Force, because the military has "a story to tell that rarely makes the national media."

Rotary guests were David Mayfield, Tom Vogel and four Vermillion High School seniors � Eddie Filipovic, Chris Harvey, Lindsay Iverson and Shane Manning. Filipovic assisted president Dean Clark in drawing winning tickets for the club's 2000 fundraising raffle to benefit community projects. Elizabeth Richardson won the top prize.

Senior Citizens Center

There was a large group of card players, Wednesday, Nov. 29, anxious to win at their games. There were 24 bridge players with Adeline Isaacson, first; Barbara Kronaizl second; Lola Christensen third; Jim Prosser fourth; Margaret Waltner bogie and Veronica Heimes low.

There were 19 pitch and six pinochle players. Adeline Isaacson and Shirley Riehle furnished the refreshments.

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