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Dean Clark called the meeting to order Nov. 28 for our regular luncheon at the Silver Dollar. Guests included three seniors from Vermillion High School: Matt Delosier, Tim Goodman and Mark Vickrey.

The public is invited to visit the W.H. Over Museum on Sunday, Dec. 3 to participate in the museum's annual Christmas festival and view the Rotary's Christmas tree. Rotary members also were urged to not let up in their efforts to sell raffle tickets, as the deadline for turning them in is fast approaching.

The meeting's program was presented by Mike Albers, a graduate of USD, who, through a combination of fate and determination, has returned to Vermillion and successfully started a new business, Quality Telemarketing.

Albers studied accounting at USD from 1968 to 1972, and worked for the Union Pacific Railroad in Omaha for seven years. He listed at least three or four other jobs he has held in the last 30 years. "That's why I became an entrepreneur," he told his Rotary audience.

He told club members of the first time he ever visited a telemarketing firm. The place was quiet, with few people at work when he arrived at the business to do some accounting tasks. Later that same day, however, a full shift of workers was quite busy.

"There is nothing as exciting to me as seeing a roomful of people chattering on phones selling to thousands of people," he said.

Albers started his Quality Telemarketing business in January 1987 in Omaha. Three years ago, he located his operations in Vermillion. "We currently have one branch office in Spirit Lake, IA. But we were attracted to Vermillion because we need to have a replenishable work force," he said. "We need to be in a college community."

Exciting plans are in the works for Quality Telemarketing, which does business-to-business outbound telemarketing. Albers has purchased the Sioux Tools building, and will use approximately one-third of the structure as the new home of hie telemarketing business. He hopes to be up and running there in April.

Senior Citizens Center

The last two card days were small in number, but everyone had a great time. On Wednesday, Nov. 23 there were 25 participants, with 10 bridge, 11 pitch and four pinochle players. Jim Prosser was first, Adeline Isaacson second and Sarah Brown was low. Refreshments were furnished by Louis Fostvedt.

The monthly card party was held Monday, Nov. 27 with only 24 present. There were no bridge players, but there were 12 pitch players and 12 pinochle players. The door prize was won by Leone Christopherson and other drawings were won by Maxine Millette, Florence Wagner, Peg Mollett and Mary Maxwell.

Refreshments were served by Maxine Millette and Sig Nissen.

Everyone is welcome and if you want to play 500 or any other card game, bring a group of four.

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