Don’t pile snow in right-of-way

Don't pile snow in right-of-way The South Dakota Department of Transportation requests that all persons refrain from placing or piling snow within state highway rights-of-way.

In accordance with state statutes, it is the policy of the Department of Transportation to cause the removal of snow that has been piled within the highway right-of-way that may be a safety hazard.

"The safety of the traveling public is the chief consideration requiring that snow piles adjacent to the roadway be removed as soon as possible," said Dennis Landguth, deputy secretary of the Department of Transportation.

Landguth said that snow piles may restrict sight distance as well as present an extreme hazard if a vehicle leaves the roadway.

"When snow piles are allowed to remain adjacent to the road they may cause additional drifting and visibility problems which pose additional safety hazards to the traveler," said Landguth.

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