Episcopal Church honors students

Episcopal Church honors students Members of St. Paul's Episcopal Church have recently received recognition and honors.

The Right Reverend Creighton Robertson, bishop of the Diocese of South Dakota, visited in November. The Rite of Confirmation was bestowed upon Michael Liebermann and Ashley and Amanda Haukaas. The bishop presented each with a Niobrara Cross.

The three young people were instructed in confirmation class by Rev. Mercy Hobbs, vicar of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Rev. Hobbs presented each youth with a personal Book of Common Prayer signed by the church members.

Michael Liebermann is the son of Bob and Kari Liebermann and Ashley and Amanda are daughters of David and Tonya Haukaas. The two girls were also sponsored by their grandmother, Martha Lambert Haukaas.

Bishop Robertson presented David Yarbrough with a framed recognition award from The Most Reverend Frank T. Griswold, New York City, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. The citation was a special commendation for his work and achievements on the God & Me Cub Scout Award. He does many projects with the Episcopal Church in addition to those of the Webelo Cub Scouts. Yarbrough is the son of Dr. Steve and Janis Yarbrough.

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