Football players plead guilty

Football players plead guilty by David Lias Three University of South Dakota athletes entered guilty pleas at the Clay County Courthouse Dec. 12 before Magistrate Judge Mary Dell Cody.

Ryan Winters, Iowa Falls, IA, pleaded guilty to charges of trespassing, intentional damage to property and tampering with a motor vehicle.

He was fined a total of $2,328.21 in fees and costs. Shawn Kenworthy, Ft. Pierre, and Andrew Chambers, Treynor, IA, each were assessed a total of $1,171.17 for similar charges.

Winters, Kenworthy and Chambers were each given a 30-day suspended jail sentence for the trespassing charges. Winters also received a 75-day jail sentence with 60 days suspended after pleading guilty to simple assault. The three men were ordered to receive alcohol evaluations.

The three men were involved in a string of incidents Oct. 25 in Vermillion, in which the windshield of a car was smashed, another car was flipped and a third vehicle was stolen.

They also went to the USD campus where Winters assaulted a student. Immediately after the incidents, Winters was dismissed from the Coyote football team. Kenworthy and Chambers were suspended for the rest of the season.

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