Letters Daschle must explain past votes

To the editor:

A recent news story in The Washington Times reported that Sen. Tom Daschle stopped a bill from being voted on that would have allowed our men and women in the armed forces to cast their ballots from polling places on our military installations. Daschle responded that this report is untrue.

In his response in the Dec. 13 Aberdeen American News, Daschle said "I feel strongly about every citizen's right to vote and an objective look at my record shows I have consistently fought to advance that right for all voters." The American News article further states that Daschle was displeased that the Washington Times story "gives the impression that I am in some way attempting to make it more difficult for our military personnel to cast their ballots."

Whether Daschle had blocked the current legislation as reported is argumentative. An objective look at the senator's voting record on this subject reveals the following:

Daschle opposed making it easier for those in uniform to vote. The "motor-voter" bill allowed people to register to vote at government buildings, such as welfare offices and at driver's license issuance offices. Daschle however, opposed requiring voter registration at military induction centers. He voted for the motion to table (kill) the amendment to require the registration of people in the military and people being inducted into the military at the time and place of induction. (CQ vote #36, March 17, 1993).

Also in 1993, the Democrat controlled Congress revised the Hatch Act to allow federal employees to participate in politics. Daschle however felt that military personnel should be excluded from this revision. Daschle voted for the motion to table (kill) the amendment to include military personnel for coverage under the bill. (CQ vote #196, July 14, 1993).

If Daschle is sincere about his support of voting rights for our armed forces he needs not only to allow a vote on the current legislation, but also to explain his past votes to the people he represents.


Joel Rosenthal

Chairman, South Dakota Republican Party

Performance brings Christmas to life

To the editor:

What is good about Vermillion came together last weekend at the United Church of Christ Congregational. This congregation undertook the task of planning, preparing and performing for the public Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. The musical performance was for all ages � and all ages were part of the very capable cast and musicians.

As an audience we were invited to glimpse the uplifting attitude of Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family, the tight-hearted meanness of Scrooge � before he heard Marley's warning and met the three ghosts.

As an audience we watched and listened as our friends, neighbors, acquaintances � and their children brought Dickens' character and his message to life.

While the price of admission was for the benefit of the "Make a Wish" Foundation, I dare say more than the "Make A Wish" Foundation benefited from the generous gift of time, talent, energy and generosity offered by those involved in putting Christmas Carol together.

As I left the performance and walked out into the winter's night, I listened as people shared friendly greetings. It was Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thank you for the gift of your presence, your energy, your faith and your spirit.

Rosie Roegiers


God bless South Dakota

To the editor:

What could be more meaningful this Christmas season than the outpouring of love for one another as displayed by all of the communities pulling together to help Plankinton? I am so overwhelmed by the genuine care and concern people have shown my family that it seems the mere words "thank you" are so inadequate. However, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart is what I offer to each and every one of you beautiful people who have helped with your love, prayers, support, visits, gifts of food, friendship, monetary memorials in Dave's name, cards, phone calls, decorating the church tree, the "We Believe" sign, the teachers who have worked so hard to keep classes running, the memory plaques, the donations to the school, the volunteer time spent making copies, running errands, loading and unloading trucks, organizing and assisting where needed, making bulletin boards, making treats for the students, the list just keeps going on and on.

Plankinton has always had good people; South Dakota has always had good people, and we will continue to have good people. In tragic times, it seems more evident, but the people are always there doing good for others and never asking for a thing in return. How proud I am to be a South Dakotan, how proud to be a resident of Plankinton. May God bless each of you wonderful people with the graces of peace, joy and happiness this Christmas and always.

God love you,

Carol Grode, Travis, Terri, Matt and Emily


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