Letters Vermillion is truly blessed

To the editor:

On Thanksgiving Day over 200 people gathered at the National Guard Armory to celebrate a Thanksgiving Day meal served with all the trimmings. People from all walks of life came to enjoy the dinner and fellowship of the Vermillion community. Several USD students who are alone on this day came to join us with their parents who were visiting from China.

Pastor Joe Villalobos of the Faith Fellowship Church coordinates the annual event called "Feed the Multitude." With the assistance of the Vermillion Ministerial Association, he orders the food, contacts the churches for workers, makes out schedules and completes other jobs too numerous to mention. The ladies of various churches were assigned to bring pies, and what a marvelous assortment of cherry, pumpkin, peach, apple and pecan pies were served.

Flora Sampson and her assistants roasted and deboned the nine turkeys. Keith Joy heads the kitchen staff and does all the cooking. With his good humor he assigns tasks and everyone works willingly. The tables were decorated by yours truly and were in keeping with the Thanksgiving theme.

"Ms. Pricilla Pilgrim" welcomed the members to the dinner. Pastor Bob Grossman of the Providence Reformed Church led the prayer before the meal. Meals were also delivered to shut-ins who requested the meal.

Pastor Villalobos was not able to be present for the day, and asked if I would coordinate the festivities of the day. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who came to work and help with this worthy project. They cut pies, made relish trays, mashed potatoes, served the food, washed dishes, and helped with the clean-up. They came from all the churches in the city and rural communities. What a pleasure it was working with members from all churches in the community. It is a day to remember!

Thanks to the Lord for blessing the Vermillion community so generously, and that we can work together no matter what faith we may be.

Mary Geffre Johnson, meal coordinator


United Way board expresses gratitude

To the editor:

With the publishing in this issue of the final article in the United Way Spotlight series, the members of United Way of Vermillion's Board of Directors wish to take this opportunity to express their deep gratitude to you and to your publisher for your continuing support of our community though your support of our local United Way and its agencies.

You have devoted an untold number of column inches to helping us publicize and promote the services which are being provided to the citizens of the Vermillion area by the 17 agencies that will receive funding from the 2001 United Way Campaign which is currently underway.

Thank you for taking a vital and active role in our efforts to help our community grow stronger and healthier as we bridge the way for each other through support of health care, youth, senior and special needs, and social educational and cultural programs.

The Board of Directors of United Way of Vermillion

Phyllis Packard, president

Barbara Campbell, executive director

Dedicated volunteers made a difference

To the editor:

It is such a pleasure to once again have the wonderful opportunity to thank the dedicated volunteers of the Vermillion community for their hard work on another project to beautify our town.

On "Make a Difference Day" Oct. 28, about 50 volunteers worked extremely hard to plant 39 trees along the hike/bike trail on Cherry Street in a Memorial Walk. Take a look at the line of trees there and imagine how beautiful it will be when these maples and oaks are mature!

Thank you to the members of Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi fraternities, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Boy Scouts, Bergen Lutheran Church Sunday School, 4-H, Vermillion High School, the Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department and everyone who helped whose named we didn't get. Thanks also to Hy-Vee for providing coffee and donuts to help us keep up our strength!

We also appreciate the trees, and financial contribution to the project, from Jay Gurney's Yankton Nursery. And thank you to Clay-Union Electric Coop and Clay County Highway Department for the loan of the very important shovels.

And thanks to the members of the Vermillion Beautiful, Inc. executive board who worked so hard to make the Memorial Walk a reality.

Trees are still available if you would like to have a tree named in memory of a loved one. Contact Dwain Jorgenson at 624-2794 for information.

Thank you all,

Judy Clark, president

Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

Information sought on Class of 1941

To the editor:

The Vermillion High School Class of 1941 is planning to celebrate its 60th anniversary with a reunion in Vermillion on Sept. 22, 2001. Some of the details are still pending. We have decided to have a "Memory Book" for the event.

Since several of our classmates have died, we plan to include obituaries for them in the "Memory Book." Unfortunately, I have only two dates of death and no married name for two of the females: Betty Alrdrich, Elwood Boline, Monroe Johnson, Daryl Jorgenson (Aug. 15, 1981), John Meisenholder (May 26, 1980), Richard Walz, Virginia Bell Terhune, Inez Foster, Peter Johnson, Marjorie McDonald, Marilyn Nelson Gronholz and Laurence Young.

Also, I need the current address for the following classmates: Charles Duman, Mary Hill, Marceen Johnke and Kathryn Kaltsulas.

I have polled, unsuccessfully, the rest of the classmates for the above information. If anyone has any information on these individuals, please contact me at the address below.

Yours truly,

T.J. Schmierer

5010 Crownpoint Ct., NW

Albuquerque, NM


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