Tanager wrestlers host Lennox, Brandon Valley

Tanager wrestlers host Lennox, Brandon Valley There was a large crowd in the Vermillion High School gym on Tuesday, Dec. 5 as the Tanager wrestling squad faced the Orioles from Lennox and the Brandon Valley Lynx in the home opening triangular for both varsity and JV teams.

The only double winners for Vermillion were Craig Powell at 112 lbs. and heavyweight Ray O'Connor. Total team results follow:

Brandon Valley � 57

Vermillion � 18

103 lbs., Mike Lere (BV) pinned Kyle Hubert, 1:52; 112 lbs., Craig Powell (V) pinned Austin Lemond, 3:17; 119 lbs., Carl Lere (BV) pinned Andy Hayner, 1:23; 125 lbs., Eric Hultgren (BV) won by forfeit; 130 lbs., Tyler Carda (BV) pinned Ben Parsons, 5:20; 135 lbs., Shawn Myers (BV) pinned Tyler Zimmerman, 1:58; 140 lbs., Austin Lunstra (BV) won by forfeit; 145 lbs., David Murtha (BV) pinned Josh Kyte, 3:27; 152 lbs., Cade Long (BV) decision Elliot Hasse, 7-5; 160 lbs., Aaron Hultgren (BV) pinned Kristian Reynolds, 1:33; 171 lbs., Chris Sinkie (V) pinned Brad Paulson, 1:53; 189 lbs., Jake Jass (BV) pinned Kellen Cusick, 1:00 and Hwt., Ray O'Connor (V) pinned Chris Breuer, 1:36.

Lennox � 48

Vermillion � 21

103 lbs., Matt Kleinschmidt (L) pinned Kyle Hubert, 1:40; 112 lbs., Craig Powell (V) decision Paul Walery (L), 6-3; 119 lbs., Andy Hayner (V) pinned Kyle Brewer, 5:13; 125 lbs., Kirk Broderson (L) won by forfeit; 130 lbs., Jeramy Payer (L) pinned Ben Parsons, 1:25; 135 lbs., Tyler Zimmerman (V) won by forfeit; 140 lbs., OPEN; 145 lbs., Josh Vanderwerf (L) pinned Josh Kyte, 2:58; 152 lbs., Steve Atkins (L) pinned Elliot Hasse, 3:01; 160 lbs., Kyle Broderson (L) pinned Kristian Reynolds, 1:07; 171 lbs., Andy Smit (L) pinned Chris Sinkie, 2:55; 189 lbs., Steve Muller (L) pinned Kellen Cusick, 1:57 and Hwt., Ray O'Connor (V) pinned Brandon Haan, 1:08.

Junior Varsity Results

Vermillion vs.

Brandon Valley

103 lbs., Chris Strand (BV) pinned John Gregg, 3:08; 112 lbs., Michael Clausen (BV) pinned Brett Nielsen, 0:42; 119 lbs., Josh Boomgaarden (V) won by forfeit; 125 lbs., Paul Ode (BV) pinned Mike Deibert, 0:43; Hwt., Brad Simons (V) won by forfeit and Exhibition, Cody Miller (BV) pinned Ben Pike, 2:34.

Vermillion vs. Lennox

103 lbs., P.J. Welch (L) pinned John Gregg, 0:59; 119 lbs., Josh Boomgaarden (V) won by forfeit; 125 lbs., Mike Deibert (V) won by forfeit; Exhibition, Josh Boomgaarden (V) pinned Zach Jorgensen, 1:32; 189 lbs., Taylor Birgen (V) pinned Steve Zwart, 3:28; Hwt., Brad Simons (V) pinned Ken Longman, 2:54; Exhibition, Jeremiah Thoms (L) pinned Mike Deibert, 3:26 and Exhibition, P.J. Welch (L) pinned Ben Pike, 1:42.

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