United Way Spotlight

United Way Spotlight An agency which receives funding from United Way of Vermillion will be featured in this spotlight each week. The United Way of Vermillion Board of Directors wants the people of Vermillion to know more about the agencies that receive United Way funding and the services which they provide to the Vermillion community.

This week's featured program is the City of Vermillion's Red Cross Swimming Lessons which are provided each summer through the city's Parks and Recreation Department and sponsored by United Way of Vermillion.

More than 500 children and numerous adults participate in the Red Cross Swimming Lessons each summer. These classes provide valuable instruction that helps keep our children safe in and around the water. The United Way funds allow the city to charge only a nominal fee for swimming lessons. The overall cost of the program includes usage and upkeep of the pool and the instructor's salaries.

During the summer of 2001 five levels of non-swimmers' classes will be offered including Water Exploration (never had lessons before), Primary Skills (beginners), Stroke Readiness (advanced beginners), Stroke Development (intermediate), and Stroke Refinement. More advanced classes will include Skill Proficiency (advanced swimmer), and Advanced Skills.

There will be two sessions of classes, session one from June 12 through July 6 and session two from July 10 through Aug. 3. Registration for both sessions will be held on May 3 at the Vermillion Armory/Community Center from 3 to 7 p.m. The fee for the lessons is $10.

The Red Cross program also includes adult swimming lessons. The fee for these lessons is $20 and there must be a minimum of three people per class or the class will be cancelled. Session one for adult lessons is June 12 through July 6 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6 p.m. During session two, adult classes will be held on the same days of the week at the same times July 10 through Aug. 3.

Parents can schedule individual swimming lessons for their children. All instructors must be properly certified (endorsed by the Clay County A.R.C. Safety Services Chairman) and must be pool ticket holders. It is the responsibility of the parents to find an instructor for their child and to schedule their children for lessons. Fees for individual lessons will vary depending upon the instructor giving the lessons.

Information about levels and times for all swimming classes can be obtained from the city Parks and Recreation Department. The schedule will also be printed in the summer Parks and Recreation brochure prior to registration.

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