Vermillion native, daughter cast in popular play Annie

Vermillion native, daughter cast in popular play Annie Barry Lawrensen, a Vermillion native, and his daughter Elizabeth, have been cast in the lead roles of Daddy Warbucks and Annie in the Sioux City Community Theatre production of the popular musical, Annie. Vermillion native Barry Lawrensen and his daughter, Elizabeth, are performing on the stage of the Sioux City Community Theatre in the lead roles of Daddy Warbucks and Annie in the popular musical, Annie.

The show includes over 50 talented cast members from the Siouxland area, and a 15-member live orchestra.

Barry performed in a number of community musicals in Vermillion, including Judd Fry, in Oklahoma. He played the same role in an Orange City community production of Oklahoma, as well as various smaller roles. Elizabeth has performed in school plays, and is delighted to fulfill a 10-year-old girl's dream, of getting to act the role of Annie.

The Sioux City Community Theatre production of Annie opened Nov. 13 and runs through Dec. 17, with shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.

For ticket information, call the SCCT box office at 712-233-2788, or see the show website at: .

Annie is one of Broadway's most popular musicals, including familiar songs Tomorrow, Easy Street, and Together at Last. The original Broadway production was based on the popular "Little Orphan Annie" comic strip.

Set in the early years of the Great Depression and the FDR administration, Annie is the story of a foundling left on the steps of the New York City Orphanage in 1922. She dreams of her parents coming to reclaim her, but instead by a quirk of fate becomes the holiday guest of Oliver Warbucks, the well-known billionaire. In the ensuing developments, Annie meets the residents of a "Hooverville" under the 59th St. Bridge, and even the president and his cabinet, bringing them all her own contagious optimism.

Annie's dreams eventually come true on Christmas eve as everyone gets a "New Deal for Christmas!"

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