VHS students are dismissed due to threat

VHS students are dismissed due to threat Vermillion High School students will have more time to make up at the end of the year, due to a bomb threat that forced school officials to call off classes Dec. 1.

"We received a threat at about 12:40 p.m.," said Principal Doug Tuetken. "One of the high school secretaries answered and the male caller said there was a bomb in the high school."

Students and staff were dismissed for the day before officials from the Vermillion Police and Fire departments, along with the Clay County Sheriff's Department, performed a thorough search of the building.

"Even though calls like this are probably a hoax, we don't want to take a chance," Tuetken said. "Our policy is to dismiss students and staff, and go through the whole building, locker by locker, room by room."

Nothing suspicious was found during the search, he added, but disappointment was the result of the incident.

"It's disappointing that someone would do this," Tuetken said. "It disrupts the educational process and presents an inconvenience for everybody. Hopefully, once the building project is completed, we'll have a better system of instant tracing if this occurs in the future."

Making bomb threats is a felony offense. Law enforcement officials are continuing their investigation.

Tuetken added that the time missed will have to be made up. VHS students are already attending make-up days as a result of the school closing for several days during September when a mysterious rash broke out.

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