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About our Schools By Wakonda Supt. Ron Flynn I'd like to begin my final article about the school building project by thanking the many community groups that have passed resolutions of support for this much-needed project.

I'd like to offer a special thank you to the Wakonda Senior Citizens. Senior citizens often have an undeserved reputation for blocking progress, but that certainly hasn't been the case in Wakonda. If you look at almost anything in this town from the parks, to the pool, to the school and improvements to the school � it's been our older generation that has led the charge and paid the tab.

I'd also like to thank the many supporters who've worked so many hours to help make our school a better place for our children. Your efforts over the past 14 months have been greatly appreciated.

The school building project Wakonda district residents will be deciding upon on Jan. 16 would provide many advantages for our students. Probably the most important improvement would be the increased classroom size for our elementary students. Due to lack of space, many of our teachers are forced to set up and take down learning centers on a daily basis.

In classrooms with more square feet, teachers could set up several learning centers and leave them up until they're no longer needed. Also, gaining a few extra classrooms will solve the problem of teachers having to wander from room to room to teach their classes. It would also allow us to separate K-6 students from those in grades 7-12 and get our preschoolers off of the old gym stage.

The improved heating/cooling system would be another major benefit. Thermostats in each room will create a more comfortable learning environment and help save on energy bills. A new boiler in the existing building would operate much more efficiently than the old one now in place.

A school-community library would provide far greater access to books and computer equipment for all patrons of the district. The old building would be remodeled to make it handicapped accessible, safer, and more attractive. The weight room would be expanded so teams could actually utilize our weight equipment as a group. Higher railings upstairs and wider doors on the old gym would both help create a safer setting.

Most of the improvements we're asking for are simply things students in most schools have taken for granted for years. Our kids don't deserve less. Please vote "yes" on Jan. 16.

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