Factbook contains data about state’s children

Factbook contains data about state's children The eighth annual comprehensive report on South Dakota's children has just been released by the South Dakota KIDS COUNT Project, located in the Business Research Bureau at The University of South Dakota School of Business.

The South Dakota Kids Count Factbook, first published in 1993, contains state and county-based data, which is used to develop an accurate picture of the condition of South Dakota's children. It provides multi-year, statewide overviews in sections on demographics, health, education, economics, and safety for South Dakota, as well as each of the state's 66 counties.

"The factbook is a valuable tool for people's work on behalf of children and families," said Carole Cochran, South Dakota KIDS COUNT project director. "The more informed we are the better decisions we make concerning children and families in South Dakota."

New in this year's edition are:

* updated (1997) poverty figures by county;

* updated (1997) median income by county;

* the results from the 1999 South Dakota Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) Report; and,

* results from the 1999 South Dakota Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

Copies of the 2000 South Dakota KIDS COUNT factbook are available at no charge to individuals, organizations, businesses, public and university libraries and non-profit organizations. The factbook can be accessed at www.usd.edu/brbinfo



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