Home team advantage a bust for VHS volleyball

Home team advantage a bust for VHS volleyball The Vermillion volleyball team learned "how the other half lives" last Monday night, Jan. 22, when they were swept by the Alcester-Hudson Cubs in all three matches � C (15-13, 11-15, 12-15); B (6-15, 15-11, 10-15); and A (3-15, 16-14, 15-17).

There was plenty of excitement and the crowd stayed to the bitter end, but the Tanagers couldn't score that deciding final point in each of the freshman, junior varsity and varsity matches.

In citing the four aces by Kayla Mollet, freshman Coach Jana Prasek also said "All of tonight's games were close. It started out tough, but the girls began to pull together at the end, just a little too late. We know what needs improvement, so we'll work on that in preparation for Thursday's match."

JV Coach Chris Fehring recognized Ashley Thompson and Meggy Donnelly for their 9 and 8 service points, respectively.

"We had a great comeback, but just finished a little short," she said. "We cannot afford to get down 10-0 in the third game.

"I give a lot of credit to the girls, as they played their hearts out," Fehring added. "But we need to be ready right from the start (of the match)."

Head Coach Kathy Reckling brought the varsity volleyball team home from the Madison Invitational with a fourth-place finish and a 14-4-2 season record as she faced a highly rated Alcester-Hudson squad on Monday.

In the Alcester-Hudson match the Tanagers were in the unenviable position of trying to make up early deficits and playing "overtime" in the last two games of the match. Leslie Larson led with 5 service points, one ace, seven digs, four blocks and eight kills. She was aided by Elly Kjose with 5 service points, 19 digs and 24 assists.

Also making major contributions were: Carrie Engstrom � 13 service points, three aces, eight kills and nine digs; Nikki Mollet � seven blocks (four solos), four kills, and one dig; Jaclyn Powell � 6 service points, two aces, 14 digs, two blocks and six kills. Tessa Tuetken had four digs, one kill and 2 service points, and Tressa Olson had four digs and a service point.

The varsity record stands at 14-5-2 (ties).

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