Letter Can anyone explain city's decision making?

To the editor:

Can anyone please explain to me the rationale and logic of the actions of the mayor and city council on their decision making? When will the mayor and members of the city council start realizing that Vermillion does not have the same economic base as Yankton, Mitchell, Brookings and Watertown when they make these financial decisions?

When a new business wanted to build and contribute to our economic base, the mayor and council had to have this decision decided by the voters.

When the mayor and city council wanted to spend $1.2 million in tax dollars on a new fire station, it becomes an executive decision. When the mayor and city council wants to spend $1.3 million in tax dollars on Chestnut Road, it becomes an executive decision.

I'd be willing to bet that 95 percent of the citizens of Vermillion have never used, or will use this new road. Do you think maybe again the city leaders are trying to appease one business with this so-called executive decision? We all looked the other direction, and accepted the Dawson bridge project at a very expensive tax cost.

Has anyone ever stopped down there to see the merit of this project? And who will benefit from this expensive tax adventure?

If the mayor and city council wants to continue to spend the community tax dollars, I think it's about time that an honest effort is put forth for some economic growth to help pay for all these wonderful ideas. Although a penny sales tax isn't a lot of money, can't we find a better way of spending this money where all the citizens of Vermillion will benefit?

Just thinking out loud.

Dave Raabe


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