Letters Leaving concert early was rude

To the editor:

Last night (Jan. 15) I attended a delightful concert of the seventh- and eighth-grade chorus and bands at the Vermillion Middle School. I commend the teachers, students, and parents for their hard work.

The program was set up logically with the oldest group last. To my dismay, a mass exodus of seventh-grade students and parents occurred as the band director was introducing the eighth-grade band and its prepared pieces. This is at the very least rude. It shows disrespect for the music program and participants; it shows particular disrespect for the band director. The eighth-grade segment took all of 10 minutes, ending the evening's program at 8:10 p.m. Surely, this is not too late for seventh-graders to stay up.

Students and parents support each other. More particularly, musicians support each other. As members of the same school and same team, you, the seventh-graders and parents, should show your school spirit and listen to the eighth-grade band. This is your goal for next year: to play as well as they do. They should be your inspiration. They have more experience and have developed their talent further. You can learn from them.

It seems to me those seventh-grade musicians and parents who left early owe Mrs. Loder an apology. Make the effort at future concerts to stay for the whole program. You'll be glad you did.


Lorrie Thomas

Musician and teacher


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