Letters Approve bond issue for school's survival

To the editor:

I moved to the Wakonda community 20 years ago and there was never a question about which community I wanted to call home. My two children both attend Wakonda Public School and it's been a good place for all of us. I'm honored to have worked with most of you, if not your children and or grandchildren and I want to insure that our school will be here for future generations.

I feel in my heart that if we don't approve the upcoming school bond issue, our school will not survive the next five years to see my youngest child (nor his 18 classmates) graduate from WHS. Without a school my family would be forced to move elsewhere for a job and a school.

We have not made any major improvements in our school in all the years that I have taught here. With open enrollment we need a more competitive edge to keep our students and to attract prospective new students. An example of open enrollment would be if I wanted my 10th grade daughter to go to a school with an improved library and with better heating and cooling systems. Wakonda Public School is the best place for my kids because it offers them the benefits of a small school environment and greater involvement in extra-curricular activities.

I'm asking for your support of the school bond issue on Jan. 16. We need to work together to make sure that we keep our students in our community.

Cheryl Knudson


Approve Wakonda school bond issue

To the editor:

I would like to encourage all registered voters of the Wakonda School District to vote on Jan. 16 for the school bond issue. Now is the time to show your support, not only to the students, but also to the community.

When area schools are moving ahead, planning for the future, our school sits at a standstill. I believe the pride that once filled the community has diminished. The students are aware of the growth and development around them. I think it is time to restore that pride in our students and community.

If you have seen published academic statewide test scores, you would know that Wakonda does quite well, when compared to other school districts. That says a lot for our staff and administration. With the small teacher-student ratios, the kids are given a better opportunity to excel in academics. And what about our past state championships? Many of those athletes excelled in both sports and academics. I think that speaks well of Wakonda.

The students at Wakonda are the future leaders. Don't they deserve better? Let's provide our kids with a good learning environment, and the first step is passing the Wakonda school bond issue. Please support our kids and our community by voting "yes," on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

Julie Nelsen


Thanks for the great time

To the editor:

A huge thank you to the New Year's Eve Committee, numerous volunteers, community supporters and all the others who helped make the New Year's Eve celebration on campus so successful!

My family has been attending this celebration since it started and we look forward to it with much anticipation. My brother, his wife and four sons from Le Mars, IA also drive over for the evening and they too had a great time. They were impressed with the variety of activities and games to partake in. I know they'll be back for the next New Year's Eve celebration.

I hope that our community will continue to support this successful family evening.

Thanks again for your hard work, dedication to our community and your time spent on this project so that we could have the best New Year's Eve celebration ever!

Rose, Kevin Weiss and family,


Tony, Shirley Schroeder and family,

Le Mars, IA

Will there be enough money?

To the editor:

With Wakonda enrollment down from previous years, with only 14 first-graders and possibly fewer kindergarten, where is the growth that is expected?

Wakonda has already opted out of the tax freeze to keep the school running and now $2.40 per thousand is another $80 to $140 per 40 acres of farmland.

With extra footage, added utilities, more room and equipment to run it, will there be money to keep it running?

Henry Kronaizl

Rural Vermillion

What happened to Chestnut Street funding?

To the editor:

Recently I was approached to sign a petition about the Chestnut Street project. Yes, I signed it without really finding out what I signed. Then yesterday I was talking with someone who said that there was a petition going around to take the project to the vote of the people. These people are hoping to stop the project or at least cut the amount the city spends on this project. I thought I was signing a petition to get that road fixed. As soon as I found out what it was all about I called to have my name taken off the petition.

I am wondering why we didn�t have the cost of the golf course brought to the vote of the people or the fact that the cost of the supplies for the golf course comes out of the city budget, if you read the treasurer�s report in the paper. I also wonder why we do not have any of the street repairs brought before the people if this is what we are going to do.

If you go back to Aug. 15, 1991, the Plain Talk had an article in the paper about this half-mile of �death defying� road. It told how this road was going to be �tamed� courtesy of the federal government. It told how the project was estimated to cost $430,000 and that the city�s cost of the road would only be $25,000 � the rest qualified for Federal Aid to Urban Roads Fund. It also went on to tell that there would be further repair of the main trunk of sewer line that runs parallel of Chestnut Street along with some bank stabilization. That part of the project was to be paid for by the city, state and Burlington Northern. Bids were to be put out that fall with work to be starting the next summer.

Now if you go again to the Plain Talk on May 14, 1992 � you will find another article on this stretch of road. It tells how the city had initially hoped to have the project completed that year, but the schedule had changed to a three-year project with the final year being 1993. That year they did the bank stabilization which cost $78,180 � the city paid $24,000, the state paid $32,000 and Burlington Northern paid $18,000. The city was to foot the cost of the sewer pipe which was $89,960. The next step was to be the street, which was to cost $490,000. At that printing �Gillen� said the good news was that federal funding was available for most of the repair work and the state would pick up the rest of the tab.

Now I will get to the point of this letter. Phase one was right on schedule, and so was phase two as far as I know, but phase three, the actual road, was never started. What happened to the funds that were appropriated? Did it go for the bike path, or was it used on the golf course, or other projects that were not brought up to the people?

Had this project been completed when it should have been we would not be doing this. Why does this city have such a hard time staying on track with items like this? I also wonder why our city engineer, city manager, city mayor and city council did not follow through on this project at that time?

I asked a city councilman what happened to this project six to eight months ago and did not get an answer to my satisfaction. I was told he wasn�t on the city council at that time and he didn�t dare ask any questions now, because it would be rocking the boat or something to that effect.

I got busy and forgot about it until I overheard a conversation between some people recently on this project. One person was saying how that bike path down at the bottom of that hill needed to be finished more than that road needed to be repaired.

I was taken aback, because anybody that travels that road, whether for convenience sake or farm to market sake, knows how dangerous it is. They also know what kind of shape it is in. But I imagine that because it is not on top of the hill this is one of the reasons it is not repaired.

It is time we know what happened to the funds that were appropriated in 1991 or 1992.

Asking questions,

Roxan Brown


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