Local students will travel to Germany

Local students will travel to Germany Schiller University of Jena, Germany will be hosting 12 USD/SDSU students for a semester starting Monday.

In addition to learning German, the young South Dakotans will learn how the local people, in what used to be Eastern Germany, have adjusted to a market economy.

Besides attending classes, the students will also visit businesses (Jena used to be the center of Germany's optical industry), government agencies (including the U.S. Consulate General in Leipzig) and cultural institutions.

The USD/SDSU students will also be able to promote South Dakota by showing local people information issued by the S.D. Department of Tourism in the German language.

USD staff members who will accompany the students to look after them and teach courses there include Professor Emeritus Benno Wymar and English Professor Edward Allen.

The program is sponsored by the USD Political Science Department and supported by the Farber Fund.

The USD/SDSU students will depart for Germany on Wednesday, Jan. 10 from Sioux Falls, flying to Frankfurt by way of Chicago.

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