‘Pricing for Profit’ focus of sessions

'Pricing for Profit' focus of sessions The Clay County Extension office has announced upcoming "Pricing for Profit" workshops to be held Jan. 22 and Feb. 5.

The workshops will be at the 4-H Center in Vermillion from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day with a lunch break at noon. This is a series of two workshops so producers should plan to attend both sessions.

The first session on Jan. 22 will cover the following: Old year crop marketing, production risk management, and new crop strategies. Two computer programs � storage calculator and risk calculator � will be used to show how crop insurance and government programs can be used for pricing advantage.

During the second session on Feb. 5 the following topics will be discussed: Advanced marketing strategies, and potential marketing plans. Again the risk calculator computer program and another program � HedgeSim � will be used to watch potential market changes and plan accordingly.

All producers are invited to attend these workshops, however space is limited. Please call the Clay County Extension office (677-7111) or in Union County (356-2321) by Jan. 18 if you are planning to attend. Producers need to have an estimate of their own crop production costs to make this program work well.

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