USD computer science department awarded grant

USD computer science department awarded grant Sun Microsystems, Inc. has awarded The University of South Dakota a matching grant program of $50,000 for Sun technology acquired for academic and research laboratories.

The grant will enhance opportunities for USD students by creating over $100,000 of new computing technology for the USD computer science department.

The matching grant was awarded in June of 2000 with the equipment arriving on campus in October. A ribbon cutting, presided over by President James W. Abbott, and open house on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 11:30 a.m. in the computer science department showcased the major upgrade. The 2,000 pounds of computer and file server technology was installed in the College of Arts and Science "Smart Classroom," room 107.

"The addition of this cutting-edge technology is a significant contribution to our students," said Bob Wood, computer science professor, and co-director of Internet Services. "Twenty Sun Ray Enterprise Appliances were installed which will enhance our computer science curriculum for students taking courses in Java, Oracle, and Solaris Administration," Wood said.

In addition, the grant funded 11 high-end Unix workstations that are being installed in other Computer Science student labs.

Sun Microsystems has decided to make a significant investment in select academic and research environments that have programs in engineering, computer science and business. USD was extended the opportunity to participate in the initiative.

Sun offered USD a dollar-for-dollar matching grant for Sun computer technology acquired for academic and research laboratories. Sun Microsystems is committed to a strong belief that students are a critical link in the development and deployment of new technologies. The company wants to provide as many students as possible with the opportunity to experience and experiment with a variety of different computer platforms and programs.

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