VHS gymnasts entertain five teams at Winter Wonderland invitational Dec. 28 at home

VHS gymnasts entertain five teams at Winter Wonderland invitational Dec. 28 at home With a December snowfall total of more than a foot and a half, and a "mini" blizzard raging outside, the Tanager gymnastic team hosted its second annual Winter Wonderland Invitational on Thursday, Dec. 28.

Five schools � Britton, Chamberlain, Clark, Milbank, and Miller, in addition to Vermillion � were represented at the meet, which began at noon, in the Vermillion High School gym, decorated in a holiday motif with garlands and bows at the judges' and scorers' tables and a large Christmas tree covered with silver ornaments, to create a festive atmosphere for the holiday season. Coach Mark Upward and his family, along with assistant coaches, helped in preparing the gym.

Seven schools had been invited but because of a bad winter storm up north, the teams from West Central and Sisseton could not attend.

In spite of the weather more than 50 gymnasts, in a necessary six-rotation format, completed the meet in two-and-a-half hours, includeing the special fun contest to determine who could maintain a handstand without "crumbling" for the longest period of time. Each grade level competed and the winners were: seventh-/ eighth-grade � Sarah Christopherson (V) 50.68 seconds; freshman � Allison Ewalt (B) 5.37 seconds; sophomore � Christin Clausen (Cl) 40.97 seconds; junior � Amber Reisdorph (V) 31.59 seconds; senior � Bridgette Sime (B) 34.46 seconds; and VHS alumni � Terri Upward 21.37 seconds.

Each winner was presented a teddy bear for a prize. Christopherson also received a trophy as the grand champion.

The top 10 scorers in each of the four events and all-around were recognized, with the first six awarded a place medal. The final team results were:

Britton � 116.80; Milbank � 114.50; Vermillion � 112.45; Miller � 108.70; Clark � 107.45; and Chamberlain � 107.15.

Following are the placers and scores for each event and all-around:

Amanda Johnson (B), 7.90; Kaylin Beck (B), 7.70; Suzy Schnieder (Ch), 7.70; Emily Eberhart (B), 7.50; Beth Pier (V), 7.40; Larissa Beck (M), 7.20; Sarah Gregg (V), 6.85; Darcy Werdel (M), 6.80; Lindsay Sharping (Ch), 6.65; Katie Connors (V), 6.50.

Amanda Johnson (B), 7.90; Jamie Weissenfluh (M), 7.60; Jenny Deslauriers (Cl), 7.50; Suzy Schnieder (Ch), 7.50; Elizabeth Sinclair (M), 7.10; Erin Larson (M), 6.90; Michele Severson (Cl), 6.80; Brittney Gilkyson (V), 6.80; Sarah Christopherson (V), 6.70; Allison Ewalt (B), 6.60; Kayla Sivertsen (M), 6.60; Katie Cozine (Ch), 6.60.

Floor exercise

Elizabeth Sinclair (M), 8.20; Larissa Beck (M), 8.00; Summer Anderberg (M), 7.65; Kelli Heitmann (B), 7.60; Amanda Johnson (B), 7.55; Chelsea Heasley (M), 7.45; Ashley Bunting (M), 7.40; Amber Reisdorph (V), 7.30; Kaylin Beck (B), 7.20; Bridgette Sime (B), 7.20; Steph McGraw (Cl), 7.20.


Darcy Werdel (M), 8.40; Meganne Hovden (V), 8.40; Katie Christensen (M), 8.20; Elizabeth Sinclair (M), 8.10; Steph McGraw (Cl), 8.00; Chelsea Heasley (M), 8.00; Amy Sharping (Ch), 8.00; Liz Woodruff (Ch), 8.00; Amanda Johnson (B), 7.90; Kelli Heitmann (B), 7.90; Kayla Sivertsen (M), 7.90; Sarah Christopherson (V), 7.90.


Amanda Johnson (B), 31.25; Elizabeth Sinclair (M), 29.70; Suzy Schnieder (Ch), 29.50; Larissa Beck (M), 29.10; Darcy Werdel (M), 27.95; Jenny Deslauriers (Cl), 27.50; Kelli Heitmann (B), 27.45; Steph McGraw (Cl), 27.15; Sarah Christopherson (V), 26.90; Chelsea Heasley (M), 26.90.

Other Tanager participants who did not score in the top 10s were: Natalie Tuetken, 13th on bars; and Tabitha Hubert and Carly Bernard, 20th and 21st, respectively, on balance beam.

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