VHS students hold food drive

VHS students hold food drive During the month of November, three student groups teamed up to organize a food drive at Vermillion High School.

Over $900 of food items were collected and donated to the Vermillion Food Pantry.

The Family, Career and Community Leaders made posters and flyers to advertise the food drive. Point totals for different foods were established making a $1 worth of food equal to one point.

Food items were counted in the second period classes with many teachers competitively encouraging their students to have the highest totals. Two outstanding groups were Cindy Heckenlaible's English I class, the overall winners, and Linda Paulson's algebra class.

As an incentive for the students to donate food, Ilene Lerseth's cooks training students made and delivered warm caramel rolls to the winning classes. The VHS Student Council provided juice to serve with the rolls, and hauled the food to the food pantry.

"It was a wonderful effort by all the groups involved, and the best reward is being able to give to needy families at this time of year," Lerseth said.

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