A wall of fame; County will honor veterans with photo display

A wall of fame; County will honor veterans with photo display by David Lias Local veterans are honored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to the recent construction of the Clay County Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Clay County Courthouse.

Dave Wherry, the county's veterans service officer, and the Clay County Commission believe that more can be done, however.

The commission has given Wherry the green light to pursue the establishment of a pictorial display featuring local veterans on a wall of his office in the courthouse.

He is hoping that veterans will heed his call to donate photos for the display.

"We're looking for either 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 photographs," Wherry said. "We will frame them."

The display isn't designed to show the carnage of war. The goal of the wall filled with photos is to present a pictorial record of the efforts made by local men and women in the armed services, at both times of war and peace.

"What we're looking for are photos of veterans in their uniforms," Wherry said. "What I want to do is build a wall with photos of veterans of Clay County in their service uniforms.

"The photos will remain in the office," he added. "I think it will be kind of interesting."

Wherry said at minimum, each photo should include the name of the veteran, and the location and approximate date that the photo was taken. He plans to include that information on a label that will be attached to the back of each photo's frame.

He realizes that some photos may have special sentimental value to Clay County families. He hopes citizens will be able to part with them for at least a short time.

"If people donate photos, they will remain on the wall," he said. "But if family members eventually want their photos returned, we will give them back to them."

For more information, call Wherry at 677-7145.

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