Committee to study winter parking woes

Committee to study winter parking woes The sight of automobiles buried deep in snowdrifts along Vermillion street curbs has become common this winter, prompting Mayor William Radigan to call for a committee to explore ways to solve this problem. by David Lias More than just snowdrifts have begun to appear pile up along the curbs of Vermillion streets.

In many of those snow piles are automobiles that haven't been moved for days, and have, in fact, become entombed in the snow and ice deposited by passing snowplows.

The Policy and Procedures Committee of the Vermillion City Council, at the request of Mayor William Radigan, will be seeking a solution to this problem.

"I think this is a very serious matter," Radigan said at Monday's city council meeting. "I think it's very serious for (USD) students who are trying to find a place for their car. We have a tremendous amount of people who commute to Vermillion."

He added that Vermillion is a unique community, and parking regulations that work in a community like Brookings, for example, may not be effective here.

"I think we've got to sit down and look at our own problem, and look to our own people who we have to work on it," Radigan said. "I have confidence that our police department and street department can at least tell us what will work."

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