Hospital-based outpatient surgery success at Vermillion hospital

Hospital-based outpatient surgery success at Vermillion hospital Outpatient surgery at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital continues to expand in terms of numbers and types of surgeries done, as well as the surgical specialists performing surgery there.

During the last year, the outpatient surgery volume has increased by 34 percent. Nearly 85 percent of all surgery done at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital is done on an outpatient basis.

Outpatient surgery, otherwise known as same-day surgery, includes surgical procedures where it is not anticipated the patient will need to be admitted for inpatient hospital care. Due to advances in surgical technology and anesthesia, an increasing number of surgeries can be performed on an outpatient or same-day basis.

"Outpatient surgery is a very important part of our overall services to the community," said Dr. William Dendinger, chief of the medical staff at Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus. "We are fortunate to have a great surgical team made up of our operating room staff, including nursing personnel and anesthetists working with our local physicians, our local general surgeon and visiting specialists who provide a wide array of surgical care locally for our patients.

"We believe our outpatient surgical program will continue to expand under the leadership of our medical staff and as clinical development occurs in technology and the training and experience of our patient care team," he added.

"A comprehensive surgical program is one of our designated Centers of Excellence and a perfect fit to our motto of providing care for the whole family � right here at home," said John Paulson, CEO. "Our goal is that it will only be necessary to leave Vermillion for major surgical operations requiring the facilities, equipment and staff of a regional medical center. Otherwise, we will provide the surgical care needed by local patients close to their home and family.

"Outpatient surgery helps preserve our ability to provide comprehensive hospital services to the community here in Vermillion," he continued. We appreciate the support provided to develop outpatient surgery care at Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital by our local medical staff and other specialists who visit regularly from Yankton, Sioux Falls, Watertown, and Sioux City. The local Vermillion medical staff has always been actively involved in promoting the development of surgical capabilities at Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital and they remain an essential part of the success of the outpatient surgery program."

It has been very helpful to the surgical and OB programs to have Dr. Chris Hugo, general surgeon, based in Vermillion as a member of the active medical staff, Paulson added.

The use of Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital for outpatient surgery provides convenience and speedy recovery for patients in a familiar, homelike environment with all the services of the hospital immediately available if needed. Cost savings also occur due to avoiding an overnight stay in the hospital.

"Our surgery team works hard to provide outpatient surgical services in a way that promotes convenience for the patient and their families and maximizes the fact that this is truly an outpatient experience. We have a good track record of making this possible over the years," Paulson said.

Currently 20 surgeons and other physicians use the Sioux Valley Vermillion Hospital outpatient surgery facilities. Services have been recently expanded in urology, orthopedics, and ear, nose and throat surgery, as well as the laparoscopic surgical procedures for gall bladder removal and other kinds of abdominal surgery.

The orthopedic surgery program is expanding in relationship to knee and other joint surgery and includes sports medicine related services. Local urology services are very complete now with the addition of new equipment and the weekly surgery and outreach clinic sessions of Dr. Joseph Boudreau and Dr. Mark Brown.

Dr. Kenneth Rogotzke and another ENT surgeon are providing ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery, including tube insertion and tonsillectomies. In addition, general surgery, gynecology and gastroenterology are all regularly provided on an outpatient basis.

Nerve block pain treatment is also available as part of pain management services through hospital anesthetists and the patient's physician.

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