Letters County commission supports people's right to know

To the editor:

Everything in your column in the Plain Talk last week on "the people's right to know" about government's business was well taken, but one issue was not pointed out.

The column spoke on attempts of county commissioner lobbyists in Pierre trying to limit public access to legal notices and other public information by reducing the number of newspapers this information would be published in. The

South Dakota Association of County Commissioners did indeed lobby to limit the number of legal publications in the counties and even suggested the Internet as an alternative site to publish said documents.

The issue I would like to point out is the fact that the Clay County commissioners didn't support and voted locally against the state association's proposed legislation long before it came before the state Legislature. Clay County commissioners appointed the Plain Talk and the Wakonda Times as Clay County's official publications as they always have in the past, believing this is the best way to inform the public of all important county procedures.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Willroth Sr.

Clay County Commissioner

Dog is victim of cruel act

To the editor:

In a field northeast of Vermillion I found a dog. It was Saturday, Feb. 17, about noon. The dog had been shot with a high powered rifle. In my walks I came to know this animal and he was always well mannered, friendly and intelligent. He was also a beautiful creature.

Guns do not belong in the hands of people who do not know what they are shooting at. The person who shot this dog shot from the road into a field that belongs to another person. The dog was alive when I found it. It knew me. Its wounds were so terrible it had to be destroyed.

I write this letter in hopes the person who committed this cruel act never does it again.

Cathy Beard


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