Lewis and Clark center receives $1,000 matching grant

Lewis and Clark center receives $1,000 matching grant Funding of the The Lewis and Clark Learning Center 2000 at the W.H.Over Museum received a matching grant of $1,000 from the SE Branch #8603 of the Lutheran Brotherhood during the closing days of December.

This money will be used in the preparation of additional programs for the learning center.

Joel McKinney is preparing a new script that will contain a voice over so that the written script will be heard as well as seen. In the future months it is planned to prepare a script for early readers as well as the addition of Lakota/Dakota words for the plants and animals which the Corps of Discovery described in their journals.

The funding goal set by the Friends of the Museum at the end of 2000 was $35,000 for programs, upkeep, and endowment for continued work on the learning center. With the Lutheran Brotherhood contribution, we have reached nearly $9,500. Contributors of $500 or more will have their names entered on a plaque in the members' lobby, if they so choose.

Additional contributions to the learning center can be made by sending your gift to the W.H. Over Museum, L&C Learning Center, 414 E. Clark St., Vermillion, SD 57069.

The museum is open daily and free to the public. Currently on exhibit in the members' lobby are old time valentines which are part of the Over's collection. Oldest among them is from the W.H. Batson Memorial Collection. Is a hand-drawn valentine written in 1872. Newest are valentines pasted in clothing catalogue dated 1923 that was converted into a card album, mostly valentine cards.

Guided tours may be arranged by calling the museum, 677-5228, preferably two weeks in advance. Interesting classes about things relating to the museum are offered on Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Last Saturday, for example, Professor Dave Swanson presented a program about the hibernation of animals in South Dakota.

On Feb. 10, Professor Norma Wilson will share some poetry about our rivers and the land. The ensuing Saturdays will cover the effect of nature on painting, getting seeds started, and three sessions on Spirit Mound and the Lewis and Clark event. All the classes are free to everyone and open to people of all ages. No advance registration is required.

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