Vocalists successful at small group contest

Vocalists successful at small group contest The Vermillion High School Choral Department participated in the SDHSAA Region I Small Group Vocal Contest on Wednesday, Feb. 14 in Yankton. VHS took 26 solos, 10 duets and 16 ensembles/large groups.

After hard work and many hours of preparation, the singers took home over 85 percent division I (superior) ratings, including a I+ rating for VHS Show Choir Rhythm in Red. They also received 10 division II (excellent) ratings. Choir members were awarded a total of 154 superior medals.

The following received division I+ ratings: VHS Show Choir Rhythm in Red, Quartet I (Amanda Aga, Rebecca Gehm, Zach Holoch, Mike Clark), Rebecca Gehm/Zach Holoch (I+), Rhiannon Chandler/Alexis Lang (I+).

The following soloists were awarded division I (superior) ratings: Zach Mortensen, Jenny Dickenson, Catherine Odson, Alexis Lang, Adam Nelson, Zach Holoch, Michele Morse, Stacy Miskimins, Mary Nelson, Tim Goodman, Christina Wells, Mike Clark, Sarah Decker, Chelsea King, Heather Reeves, Deanna Russell, Amanda Aga, Ben McBride and Rebecca Gehm.

The following soloists were awarded division II (excellent) ratings: Lisa Doohen, Camille Andrews, Cassie McBride, Michelle Cooley, Jake Jensen, Anne-Marie Bickel and Wendy Bromwich.

The following duets received division I ratings: Deanna Russell/Rebecca Gehm, Adam Nelson/Alexis Lang, Anne Salazar/Sarah Decker, Mary Nelson/Carey Engstrom and Amber Reisdorph/Carey Engstrom.

The following duets received division II ratings: Chelsea King/Jenny Frye, Jake Jensen/Sarah Decker.

The following ensembles received division I ratings: Junior Women's Trio (Carey Engstrom, Meggie Paulson, Katie Pommersheim), Freshmen Women's Trio (Cassie McBride, Michelle Cooley, Holly Heaton), Quartet 2 (Lang, Reeves, Goodman, B. McBride), Senior Women's Ensemble (Decker, Kirsten Korte, Shawna Baron, Salazar, Joslyn Reimnitz, King, Frye, Wells, Chandler, Miskimins, Bromwich, Dickenson, Allison Jensen), Junior Women's Ensemble (M. Nelson, Lang, Pommersheim, Engstrom, Bickel, Paulson, Reisdorph, Meganne Hovden, Maria Iles), Sophomore Women's Ensemble (Russell, Doohen, Aga, Megan Bates, Andrews, Gehm, Reeves, Odson, Morse, Meghan Reinhart), Junior Women's Sextet (M. Nelson, Pommersheim, Bickel, Engstrom, Paulson, Reisdorph), Men's Large Group (Holoch, Justin Manning, Darryl Neufeld, Collin Prosser, Clark, Mortensen, B. McBride, A. Nelson, Paul Wait, Jensen, Ben Parson, Charlie Wang), Men's Sextet (Nelson, Prosser, Wait, Mortensen, Manning), Mixed Large Group (Aga, Lang, M. Nelson, Pommersheim, Gehm, Reeves, Odson, Chandler, Holoch, Goodman, Prosser, A. Nelson, Clark, B. McBride), Women's Large Group (Salazar, Decker, King, Frye, Korte, Russell, Doohen, Bickel, Baron, Reimnitz, Bates, Andrews, Reinhart, Reisdorph, Miskimins, Dickenson), VHS Jazz Choir (Lang, Aga, Pommersheim, Russell, M. Nelson, Reeves, Gehm, Odson, Chandler, Reisdorph, Mortensen, A. Nelson, B. McBride, Clark, Holoch, Goodman, Jon Hoadley).

The following ensembles received division II ratings: Sophomore Women's Sextet (Russell, Andrews, Doohen, Odson, Bates, Morse), Freshmen Women's Ensemble (Melinda Tank, C. McBride, Jordan Meyer, H. Heaton, Erin Tracy, Samantha Brown, Miranda Halvorson, M. Cooley, Ana Ackerman).

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